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Salvia 10x

Had some friends I turned into potheads in Boulder who found out about salvia from the web and kept saying they were going to get some.

Had some friends I turned into potheads in Boulder who found out about salvia from the web and kept saying they were going to get some. So one day I come home from work and they were holding a one hitter bowl packed with salvia 10x they got from Cali.

This stuff was wacked. I took a big hit to smoke everything in the one hitter (bowl was the size of a gobstoper) and by the time I tried to take a second hit (to get anything left) I actually blew into the bowl cause I was already starting to get a body trip going.

As I looked at my friend in his kitchen, his skin started to pure a dark redish color and thin, vertical lines of regular color where on his face. He was laughing at me (because he went through it about an hour before me) which caused me to think "OMG I'm seeing the true world as it is, and he's already there just waiting for me to join him".

I remember feeling as my left arm was being planted into the ground, even though it was on a kitchen counter. As I watched it more my hand looked like it was flattening out and turning green, like a plastic tent being planted into the ground. I felt the sensation climb up my arm as I could start to see metal rivets forming on what looked like green plastic skin that was as flat as a tent.

At this time I started feeling the traditional rolling sensation, not like that from X though, this makes you feel as if God is finished with the world and packing up. You really get the sensation of the world being rolled up like a poster.

The next part was a bit fuzzy as I remember feeling transported to the bathroom instantly. There I began to have a conversation with my friends shower curtain. It appeared to be moving into the wall and I asked it if I could go next, although I never received a reply from the aquarium looking shower curtain.

This was when I began to come down, and asked my friend how long it had been (still feeling the light body tingles and high from it) when he said, 10 minutes. Felt like an hour.

I remained on his couch for another 30+ minutes as I let the feeling drain out of me and kept thinking of the trip.

Was my first trip and when I next tried Salvia I didn't have the trip, although it was Salvia that Suffer from the Shroomery had grown so it wasn't 10x although I did have the rolling feeling all over again.

I love Salvia...

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