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i was at my friends house one night and we decided to go a little farther than just smoking our usuall weed.

i was at my friends house one night and we decided to go a little farther than just smoking our usuall weed. so we picked up a gram of 10x salvia. from what i heard, it gives off a pretty nice trip. so we pack an ice bong of the salvia and my friend took a hit. he held it in and exhaled. then he took a cupple steps back and looked at my friends and said.. you guys are starting to bug me out. so my stoner self said shit yo lemme get a hit of that shit. so i packed the bong again. i had to pack it again becasue while smoking salvia you gotta take big hits and hold them. while my friend took his hit, he cleared the bowl pack. so as i was packing it i took my liter and lit it. i took such a deep fucking hit it was insaine. i cleared the bowl pack with one hit like my friend did. (note this doesnt happen with weed becasue salvia is not dence like weed). my friends stared at me as i held in my hit. i eventually exhaled and the second i let it out, the kitchen table i was sitting at infront of me started moving from left to right in a circular motion. i stood up and it was as if gravity had gotten stronger. it felt like the air above me was pushing me down. i strugled to walk over to the couch, then i just fell ontop of it. while my friends are laughing at me and my other friend trip, i can see everything moving in a weird circular motion. it was a strange trip, nothing like ive ever experieced. after about 7 minutes, the trip started to die down and i felt a relaxed high. when smoking salvia i recomend that you smoke it out of a water/ice bong. if one is not available a standard bowl will do fine. take a big hit and hold it in for as long as you can. if you do it the way i said, youll begin a fucking sweet trip.
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