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Running Scared

This was only my 4th time using mushrooms, and me and 5 of my friends had decided to eat about 1/8th each down at the local public park.

This was only my 4th time using mushrooms, and me and 5 of my friends had decided to eat about 1/8th each down at the local public park. I ate the last of the baggy, which was mainly shake and mushroom dust, and did not think I was in for a very intense fry. The trip started out relatively nicely. I was lying on a bench and looking at the clouds and trees with my friends, seeing many "organic" and triangular patterns overlaying reality (the organic patterns remind me of what living cells look like under a microscope), and feeling pretty good and tingly. At one point I got in my car and tried to listen to Ozzy Ozbourne, and I felt like the car was expanding and contracting around me, and I could see faces moving around underneath the bark of a tree that was in front of my car. This was too intense for me, so after about 30 minutes of we all decided to go for a walk from the park we were at to another park about 6 blocks away. I started walking with a friend named Jason, and somehow as we were walking we got lost from the group and could not figure out where we were. At this point I started seeing red and blue lights everywhere I looked, and I could hear Ozzy Ozbourne playing in my head very clearly. Me and my friend were sweating VERY, VERY profusely at this time (this was really scary because I have never sweat like that and I kind of thought I might have been poisoned), and started getting really scared. We felt like we could read each other's minds very clearly, I started becoming unable to distinguish Jason's thoughts from my own, and I kept feeling like I was floating out of my body. I also kept forgetting to breathe for what felt like minutes at a time (which made me think I might just stop breathing and die). At this point I was seeing lights and screaming faces everywhere, and -thought- I was talking to Jason, but actually I was just talking back and forth to myself (Jason later said that he felt like I was reading his mind, because I would say everything he was going to say before he said it). I also had the very odd feeling that my body was another being entirely, and that my brain just happened to live inside it. Finally, after about 1 hour of wandering around a bunch of residential streets, and through peoples yards, completely scared, we got picked up by a friend who took us to the park where everyone else was. Once there I just sat down and waited out the rest of my trip, wanting nothing more in the world than to be sober again... On a reflective note, although this was a very intense and scary trip, I think that it was a good learning experience and I am glad I did it :)


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