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Rocket Knight Leader

Setting- 9pm, parents gone to see a movie, about 45 degrees out side with tons of bright stars.

Setting- 9pm, parents gone to see a movie, about 45 degrees out side with tons of bright stars. room 1 was strung with various x-mas lights, room 2 was bathed in black light and a lava lamp, down stairs completely decked out for x-mas.

trip- My friend A and I started the evening by deviding what was supposed to be an 8th (it was really fat!) and grinding them up in some orange juice. we popped a few vitamin c pills to get the trip rolling as fast as possible and then whent up in to room 1 and played some f-zero 64. I began to notice a tingling sensation after about 15 minutes after digestion. I quit playing f-zero cause I knew the trip was about to begin and I needed to piss, I stoud up and began to feel quite tipsy, I whent in the bathroom and noticed that vines with pretty red and blue flowers were comming out of the wall I checked them out for a while and whent to join A in room 1. I layed down on the floor and began to melt into it, i grabbed my fav blanket and coverd up, as soon as i covered my head in the blanket the music began it was some "thrill kill kult" I was magicaly transported to a rave in space, i closed my eyes and seen tons of waves of red and blue color flying by my head and it seemed that there was a sort of a strobe light that was going just crazy too, i could see black outlines of certain "people" dancing all around me, it was great!

I then ventured into room 2 it was like i was in space i could see the stars and feel my self float on the bed, i covered up in another blanket, I was in a different rave now, much more intense, i could hear people talking and definatly see that these "people" were dancing around me, suddenly everything froze for about 5 seconds then it began to melt, then wam! it hit again i could see every color of the rainbow flying past me like i was in some kind of tunnel, patterns and shapes of all sizes flew past me and i could here each one hum with energy, the "people" started to come closer and closer to me, i just kept grooving.

I then decided that it was time to go out side, i whent down stairs it still felt like i was flying through space. i put on my coat and whent to tell A were i was going. i found him in room 2 he babled some thing about how intense his trip was so i whent and laid in the corner with yet another blanket, more of the same visuals but now it felt like i was sliding on the floor it was getting very intense.

I moved back to room 1 and hid under another blanket this time i noticed that i was a space knight out on the town with some of my fleet and we were hitting the raves, this felt great cause i was some kind of comander so i felt very powerfull not to mention my armor looked danm kewl. I also noticed that there were 3 different people inside of my head who kept talking about random things, it was so crazy they were conversing with me and talking back in forth.

I once again decided to go out side i ended up laying under the x-mas tree, this must have been the peak because i could no longer tell if my eyes were open or closed i danced with about 20 different creatures and just had a great time.

We then finaly whent out side, me and A grabbed out bikes and whent for a ride, we roded down some very steap hills and i whiped out once as did A, it was exilerating stars were falling though the sky and the northern lights were in full effect, sounds echoed endlisly kind of like being under watter it was great.

Then disaster stuck my parents came home early we ran up stais to my room locked the door and put in some orb, the walls were waving like always and i could have sworn that we were underwatter it was great. the trip was starting to were down at this point. My cat was in the room so we played with her and noticed that she was pretty much a god we were amazed at her powers it was very kewl.

final thoughts- i would definatly say this was the best trip i ever had, it was very exciting and non-stop fun. sorry it was such along report but i dint wanna leave out anything. happy trippin!

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