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Me and some friends were hitting gravity bongs one night, in these baseball dugouts we always go to, and i remembered i had a quarter of shrooms.

Me and some friends were hitting gravity bongs one night, in these baseball dugouts we always go to, and i remembered i had a quarter of shrooms. We got really stoned, and one of my friends talked me into giving him 2 grams to eat right then. I decided to pop some too, so i got out about 2.5 of the mush, chewed it up with reeses pieces, and waited for the effects. The first things i felt were headrushes, and euphoria. Colors began to convert into comic book colors(everything is ONE color, no shading) the fence started to appear glowing white, and red blurs where the metal crossed tinted my vision. THe fence began to breath (like a wall would, but a fence) so we bike out in front of an arena nearby. On our way to the front of the arena, me and my friend were dazzled by the full moon. There were detailed, but serene pictures imprited into the clouds. I saw shapes of mushrooms swirling together in the moonlight, until we reached the front of the arena. We walked into the front of the arena, to check the time, but just as we walked in, a puck hit the fibreglass, out near the arena, making a huge smaking sound, which made me literally run out of the arena . After i got out, i collapsed, on the ground with laughter. I peered up into a tree overlooking a marsh nearby, and the braches were waving, and swirling like water. I could also see a crystally blue mist sifting through
the branches. At this point i was tripping like mad.. My freind faces in combination with their necks looked like mushrooms, and blue blotches on their skin looked like the blue blotches on shrooms. They told me they were probably going to stay and watch the game, and that i should ride home, but i kept telling them i was way too messed, and a cop drove by just then. Paranoia struck me hard, as i began to bike slowly on the sidewalk beside the cop car. Suddenly i jolted down a different street to lose the cop, and eventually did. Next thing i knew i was turned around coming back the way i came. Confused i turned around and continued biking into town. Thoughts went through my mind like "holy shit, im on shrooms riding through town" I felt very surreal the ride home. I pulled up to my house (on my bike) to see both of my parents awake. my dad is on the computer(he is NEVER on the computer) so i thought i might just be seeing it, until i entered the room. He said i smelled like flowers when i came in (don't ask me why) and asked me what new drug i was on. (he was kidding) that tripped me out so i went into my bedroom and lied down. Things in my room were morphing and shifting like crazy. I felt like i was going insane. I started watching tv, and their faces would bulge, and grow. Their faces would sometimes shrink, making devilish, and demonic expression on their faces. Id close my eyes and see multicolored eyes incorperated into very detailed and psychadelic looking patterns. I peered at my door while watching tv, and the wood grains were literally moving like a river, across the wood. It was stunning.. I focused more on the wood, and began seeing VERY detailed faces. I can specifically remember exactly what it look like, and where it was on the wood, but when i look sober, i cant see it AT ALL. After this, i had a HUGE urge to piss, and i felt a burning feeling in my wang. So i walked into the bathroom. When i got into the bathroom it was pretty damn crazy. I looked at myself in the mirror, and my eyes were HUGE (never seen them look so fucked) As i stared longer, my expression would change(i wasnt actually changing my expressions though) and that freaks me out, so i sit on the toilet. As i sit there, my floor is melting, and the white floor in making me see a white pearly river running and moving towards my feet. After im done pissing, i look in the toilet and my piss looks lime green.. I reach for the door knob after i flush, and it melts. So i hit my head on the door, trying to push it open. I cause a commotion so i just yell "sorry" and walk back into my room. The rest of the night, i closed my eyes and enjoyed the closed eyed visuals VERY MUCH. They were extremely realistic, and detailed. I waited until the trip was over (1:30am) and sat in my bed- mind blown. This was one of my BEST shroom trips ever.

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