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Respect the power.

I used mushrooms one time before that was mild, level one or maybe two.

I used mushrooms one time before that was mild, level one or maybe two. Young, invincable and experienced with almost every mind altering substance, I decided to get really bent.
A friend/dealer brought me a quarter and someone eldse to trip with. The three of us split up the bag, I eat this enourmous stem (probably 7in by 1/2in) and a couple small caps. I paid for it so I got the lions share.
The waiting began. It seemed like forever, so we walked to the park and picked a bench that was near a water faucet. We were all thirsty and took turns drinking from the faucet, then we were hot and took turns lying beneath the spiggot. These two are real clowns and started cracking jokes as usual and soon I couldn't breath I was laughing so hard. We sat on that bench and laughed at eachother for an hour and a half, before attracting attention. Soon aquaitences and "customers" seemed to bombard us with alien ideas, questions and what we soon relized was "reality". The intruders were persistant and would not leave us alone, we were geting paranoid with the crowd that seemed to have gathered.
All of a sudden, Jesse asked me if I would drive him to his "substance abuse class" in twenty minutes. (he recently recieved a dui). As he spoke his pupils went from pinholes to dimes and back and forth. It seemed one was big wile the other small, then they would trade states. I knew he was too out there for his class, and from the trees behind him swaying trmendously with no wind I shouldn't be driving. Then Dave, the other tripper, also expressed his wishes to leave the park. The "reality people" were realy getting to all of us.
All three of us were paranoid as hell about driving, and I'm not sure what came over me, but I turned on the Dome light (It was miday sun) as we started out the parking lot. Their paranoia was replaced with curiocity about why I tuned on the interior light. I told them it was my cloaking device and we would be unnoticable with it on. Car sterios is one of my hobbies so I cranked up some Techno bass Cd and the waves of Harmony with the world poured from the 15inch subs in the trunk. I dropped Jesse of at his substance class (later found out they threw him out for laughing at them, and he had to walk home) then dropped Dave off at home.
On my way home the windshield seemed like the screen of a movie theatre. The top and bottom periferals looked like little round bubbles of color. Almost like jelly beans. I had no thoughts at all, I just became part of my enviornment. The road, my car and myself seemed to melt into one. I saw a couple of highway patrol cars and started to get paranoid until I remembered that I was cloaked. The fact that I was not stopped for noise polution was proof since I know my sterio "shakes the ground".
When I got home I watched the most interesting episode of the three stooges I've ever seen. Larry, Curly, and Moe were really alive. It took on new meaning, These guys are great actors. They must've been great men. I wish I could meet them. (nec,nec,nec)
Luckily I was coming down when my Mom came home. I maintained the best I could but I'm sure she knew I was on something. I spent the rest of the night reflecting on the experience and trying to look normal.
I was verry lucky that things did not turn out disasterous. Operating a motor vehicle in this state was insane and I strongly recomend that anyone who is going to Trip spends some effort finding a safe and comfortable place to experiment.
The experience has left some definate questions about what I consider "real". Was I just insanely lucky or did the pure faith make the cloaking device actualy work? I will be doing some more experiments in the future but I won't bet my life on it again.
Some of the things I experienced there just arent words for, or maybe I just don't have the vocabulary. If you've been there then you know what I mean.

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