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Alright, I should of sent this report in awhile ago, like right after I actually had the experience, but.

Alright, I should of sent this report in awhile ago, like right after I actually had the experience, but...lets just hope I remember everything to its fullest, cause this was definately a life changing trip. Shrooms shall forever remain my friends....oh yes!! This IS a bit long, but I guarantee if you read it all you'll love it. Just stick with it. Probly one of the better trip reports you'll ever read.

It was a Sat. night. At the last minute my sister convinced me to go to a rave, that she said was closer to where we lived than it really was,so I expected it to be pretty minor, but it ended up actually being in the heart of San Fransico. The rave was called REBIRTH, it was a benefit rave for a DJ that had gotten into a car accident and had been paralzyed from the waist down. This was his first attempt at DJ'ing for the masses since his wreck. Needless to say, when we got in, the place was packed. Now this was my first real BIG rave. I had been to a few small time ones, and I thought thats what this was going to be, but damn....there was a load of people. Well after cruising the joint, getting a feel for the place, I was pretty impressed, there was this smaller room close to the entrance level, full of shiny strips of something all over the floor, but to get to the main floor, you had to wind up this stairwell, and come out into this massively huge room, that was very dark, with very high ceilings, had long transparent tightly netted drapes hanging from about the ceiling. Lots of huge blacklight sensative banners and posters, speakers that were just towers of sound, and a light show that....damn....even being not high, was very impressive. Better than ANY club I'd ever been in I felt. But hey, it always gets better once you're trippin right?

So, I'm cruisin to find the restroom, I had no intensions of getting screwed up that night, since I didn't really know what the rave scene was like, and was unfamiliar with the joint. But that changed quickly. On the way to the restroom I passed a girl, who caught my attention just slightly as I passed. As I passed her she said "X".
I stopped, and said "excuse me?" She again questioned..."X?"
I was still lost, and gave her a, I don't follow look, and she said, "I have ecstasy, would you like some?" I was all...."oh, well then, no thanks, I prefer to stick to shrooms. If ya got any of those then we got a plan here." She said "wait, my boyfriend has some, I'll be right back." Well this got me excited, I had no money though, so I ran and found my sis and begged her, she was broke to, but her man...(sorta..not really) said he had some cash and would throw down if I really wanted it. Hells ya I pleaded. So he thru over a 20$ and I located the girl and her boyfriend, after some quick conversation about what types of shrooms they were and his sources and all, (wanted to make sure I wasn't getting duped here, always make sure you know what you're getting, and know something about shrooms, never go into it blind) we exchanged, my 20 for an 1/8th of his shrooms. A good amount of P.Cubes. Trotting back to my sis happily, I thought we would all split them, but neither of them were interested, and I was thinking, well, hmmm more for me, I'll just have half then save the rest for another time.

So after munching half of the 1/8th down, with a glass of really good free lemonade that rave was offering, I was satisfied, time to wait it out. Now I know most people don't like the taste of shrooms and all, but these shrooms tasted good to me, a bit of a salty spicy flavor. I didn't mind at all. Well, about 55 min went by, and I'm a lightweight, and I figured hmmm, I'm not really familiar with the doses, maybe I didn't take enough. Cause other times I was full swing within 30 mins.
I wasn't seeing any visuals, but I did have this intense feeling of loneliness. I had been dancing on the stage, with some very brightly colored psycadelic people, but I felt weird, and sat on the edge of the stage, with this overwhelming feeling of... i'm here in this big ass rave, I don't know anyone, AND WHERE THE HELL IS MY SISTER. Damn this sucked, I started to get a bit scared, that I would never find my sister in this crowd and end up going home alone, and so I just sat, and I think I actually cried, cause I felt so lonely. Well still didn't feel to different, so I went into the crowd, near where the DJ booth was, and thought, hmmm might as well do this right, So I finished the other half of the 1/8th and figured, if this doesn't do it, nothing will.

Needless to say very soon after that, the first effects started kicking in. I remember the sound getting really loud. Someone had passed me earplugs awhile ago, and I pulled them out and popped them in. This helped, and I closed my eyes and started rocking to the music. I soon found myself humming to the music and WOW, it did not sound the same. It sounded like this deep bass feeling was being emitted within me, completely pure and solid. I thought hmmm maybe I'm missing out on the music with these plugs. So I reached up, eyes still closed and pulled them out, and opened my eyes. It was like I was hit by a mack truck, or that I was pulled into a new vortex, everything blurred for a moment like I was speeding through one reality to the next, then everything just snapped into place. The music was so intense, hypnotic, rhythmic, and I was hearing all these little nuances I'd never picked out before. Kinda like a really good stone it felt like. I looked up at the ceiling, at the drapes, and noticed that the drapes had this ungulating pattern now moving within themselves, It almost seemed like they were swaying in the wind, yet there was no wind in that place. They were also glowing, much brighter than before from the blacklights, with little whisps of glowing opalescent color fractalizing off their edges. Now I'm thinking, OH YA, I am officially trippin.

Scanning the ceiling, which now felt 100's of feet high, I thought damn this place is freaking huge. I looked over at the speakers, which were now also what felt like towers, 40ft long by 100ft tall of pure thunderous booming sound. I followed them to the top and then noticed that there were these large round disc like things along the sides of the ceiling. I later found out these were the Air Vents, but they looked like big round bass speaker drums. At least 10 feet in diameter, and there was about 5 on each side. I didn't know what they were, and was staring at them intently, when they started vibrating, and thumping in movement to the beat of the sound. Now this was a cool sight to behold. I was like holy shit how did they get speakers in the ceiling, this place is alive, its all interconnected, This is so bomb!! Hells ya. I must of looked like an idiot standing there in the middle of a frenzied crowd of tranced out people, standing perfectly still gazing around in awe and wonder. I was totally excited, had completely forgot about being lonely, looked at the banners to see If I would see anything, didn't see much happening in them yet, but...I figured I would sooner or later. Time was still fathomable, and I still new where I was. TIME TO EXPLORE!

I started cruising through the masses, and started noticing that there were just small groups of people, sitting around in little banded circles in the midst of the dance floor. I thought, hmm.. odd, I'd be worried about getting stepped on. But I found one circle of people in particular that were gathered around watching these guys take turn jumping into the ring and breakdancing. Now I've never been down with breakdancing. I've always felt it went out with the 80's and should of stayed there, but this was different. When these guys came out, they moved around all robotic like, very disjointed movements, almost mechanical, and then out of no where they would bust out with these back flips and maneuvers that were totally unreal. Like they were dancing in mid air. It was totally unhuman. At one point I swear this guy floated around the ring, feet off the ground, with these smooth ghostly like maneuvers. I just had this perma smiled look of awe on my face. Somehow my attention was diverted to just off the side of me, and I saw some girls, that looked really cute, sitting off the side of the circle, just watching the dancers. I didn't feel like standing, and kinda wanted to get to know people, and since I sensed my ego had gone right out the door I just sat, right next to them. There were bags and backpacks in the way, so I moved some, and sat next to this one girl who was very cute. Looked like a mix between chinese and white. She was beautiful. Well, little did I know that I was staring itently at her, just gazing at how beautiful I thought she looked, and she turned to me and i was met with this pair of thee most exotic looking eyes, and expression I have ever seen. It was heart clutching. She smiled at said, "may I ask what you're looking at?" Now normally I'd of been embarrassed off my ass. But out of no where I said, very slowly and honestly, "you are sooooo incredibly gorgeous," Almost as if I didn't understand how this could be. She got a huge smile, leaned into me, and said "awe aren't you just a sweetie, thank you." Well fortunately she was really friendly and we ended up flirting a bit, and finally just holding each other for awhile. She asked what I was on, I again had a lost look. Then I realized what she asked, and said "oh, a full 1/8th of shrooms" casually. she gave me this shocked look, and then smiled and said "someone is gonna have a good time tonite" I asked her the same question, she said green apple. Which was reclarified as X. I swear the physical sensations I was having felt like I was on X (although I never have been) from what I've been told I could just tell. When she played with may hair, the sensation was almost orgasmic, like she had 100 fingers all over me. I felt like I so belonged. And just all warm and fuzzy all over. I could care less who touched me, as long as they touched me. We ended up just lying together in a small heap there in the middle of the dancefloor with several others, our arms just wraped around everybody, like everyone was friends. Lots of love there. I remember thinking, God don't ever let this end, this is so wonderful. But then I got a sensation like I had to pee, though there was no way in hell I wanted to leave. But the girl I was with said go, and I knew I wouldn't be able to find my way back to them, but I got up and started heading into the general direction of the restrooms. About half way there, I met up with another small group of people clustered on the floor, I sat down with them, even more incredibly cute girls, forgetting I had to pee, and introduced myself. God this whole loss of ego thing felt great. It was like I could just walk right up and talk to anybody. Where as before I wouldn't be this easily outgoing. It just seemed like I could know everyone and anyone if I wanted. Well I kicked it with them for a bit, exchanging glorious massages just touching each other and enjoying all the sensations, and rambling things that I don't even know if they made sense now. But they were all tripped out on some substance as well, which added to sense of belonging, cause it seemed like every single person there was on SOMETHING. Well another girl came up, and pulled out some hand lotion, and asked if she could put some on my hands. She was a friend of these other girls. I was all....um....ok...didn't really know what the point of that was, but once she did, and the cool sensation hit my hands and this wonderful fruity aroma arose to my nose, I knew this was gonna be different. She started rubbing my hands, and man did it feel incredible, like our hands just melted through each others over and over, and this guy next to me, looked like a decent guy, so I told him to throw his hand up in the mix, and join us. So he did, and all 3 of us were very much into this, for a good long time, just letting our hands meld together and move as one. The girl asked if we wanted to dance.
So we stood up, and helped each other up, and then something happened I found rather intriguing after thinking back. We all wrapped our arms around each other simultaneously, all 3 of us, and started swaying as one. I remember having the idea that I have no clue where I am, but I'm enjoying being right here right now, that this was all meant to be somehow. I'm not gay, or even bi, but this is the first time I've felt totally comfortable hanging onto another guy. It wasn't in a sexual way, but like we were all true humans, needing love and warmth, friendship and compassion. And it felt so right. Well, soon, we were all dancing, or swaying to say, very close together, forehead to forhead, it was like I knew their thoughts and how they were gonna move next, it was all in perfect motion. At the exact same moment, we all laid our heads on each others shoulder to our left, and created this perfect connected circle within us, and just danced and tranced to the music. It was so peaceful and relaxing. After a bit, I heard my name being called distantly. I felt like I was in a dream state,everything very hazy and sleepylike, and I couldn't place the sound of who was calling me, or where it was coming from. It happened a couple times, then, I felt a hand on my shoulder, and turned around, to be met with the sweet face of my adorable sister.
Wow I was overjoyed to see her, and this overwhelming feeling of discovering a long lost love or long gone relative that I hadn't seen for a really long time hit me. I got so excited and giddish, and my face just lit up like a christmas tree she said later. I threw my arms around my sis and gave her the most loving and tight hug of my life. She was a little confused, but figured I was pretty tripped out, and went with. I babbled on about how much I missed her, and loved her so much and valued her as a sister and how close I felt to her. She's 18 and I'm 21. I told her, do not leave me for the remainder of this night. I just knew I didn't want that lonely feeling again. Then the pee sensation hit me again, though you can never really tell if thats what it is exactly. I asked her to lead me to the restroom, so she did, and when I walked in, I noticed there were just as many girls in there as guys. Now this was new and strange for me, girls in the guys restroom. Or was it the other way around. Ouch, thinking about that wasn't a good idea, so I figured what the heck, reality is all whacked out, they could just as well be guys that looked like girls to me, after all it is San Fran, and just went with it. Did my thing at the urinal, stared at the tiles in front of me for a bit, watching the little speckled patterns dance before my eyes. All the lights in the restroom were multiple rainbows. I glanced down and chuckled to myself that my own appendage looked like a little mushroom to me. I joked to myself, uh oh, you're turning into a shroom yourself HA HA.
Glanced into the mirror on my way out, just to see if anything looked different. People say don't do that, but I didn't really see much but noticed my eyes were nothing but big black circles. Cool. Walked out, and when I did this, It was like I walked into a brand new place. I did not have any clue where I was, or what I was looking at. I knew I'd gone in from that previous place, but it didn't feel the same. I couldn't remember anyone I'd just met, or recognize who anyone was. I just stood there dumbfounded looking at the whole place like it was the first time I'd seen it. Then my sister grabbed me, snapped me out of my confused coma and guided me through the crowd. I remember thinking, WOW, everyone is just so beautiful and colorful. There were so many brightly colored people with incredible glowing clothing and hair and patterns and jewelery on themselves, it was totally wild. One girl walked by me, and I recognized the face, and looked intently into her face and asked playfully with a smile "Carmen Electra?" She laughed, and said you're the fifth guy to tell me that tonite. At least I wasn't alone on that one. My sis dragged me towards the stairwell, and brought me to the base of the steps, where we stopped. It was like I slowly started from the base of the stairs and let my eyes gaze upwards toward the top. Damn, these stairs seemed to stretch on for forever. And they just went up to total blackness, all I could see up there were these sweeps of colored light passing around. It was totally wild. I was a little scared to go up. She looked at me with a smile and said, "remember stairs?" See back at home we have a 3 story house. And the very first time I shroomed, my sis and I cruised up the stairs and it felt like we were climbing infinately. I shook my head in scared but excited agreement.She took my hand and started leading me upwards. It was like I was climbing jacobs ladder. The stairs felt like the just kept going up and up and up. Every step felt like I really wasn't going anywhere. But when I looked down at the base it was so far away. Finally we broke out into the top, and I asked where we were, I totally thought I'd entered some heavenly place where I had never been before. I totally thought we were higher than any building in the world. Fortunately I'm not frightened by heights. She said this was the balcony that overlooked the rave. Wow, now this was a trip. I was so far above the masses, like a bird looking down from a really high point. Those speaker things were even closer to me in the ceiling, and were still pounding away. I looked behind me, and could sorta make out that there were a bunch of people up here in this balcony, all sitting in the rows, smoking, tripping, making love, God knows what else for all I know....but all I could really see was glowing red tracers moving around, and glowing sticks and things making patterns against this slightly moving black background, it was just a mass of these floating little traced out lights. Pretty wild! I turned back and the light show caught my attention, now that I could see it in full from a perfect viewpoint. It was in perfect sync with the music, but the beams of light from the roboscanners were way more intense and bright. I could actually see light waves coming at me from the beams. Like there were these numerous pounding pulses, and every time a beam passed my eyes it had a swooshing sound to it. Like a whoosh of wind passing by me really fast and it was really loud. That was touching, they like crept up on me, overtook me and passed. Each one carrying its own sensation with a different color and pattern. It was this wonderful dance of light. I couldn't see people or anything. Everything turned off, it was just me and these lights dancing through the air. A perfect harmony of light and sound. Very exciting. A total sensory overload. The music started building in this really awesome song, and all of a sudden it climaxed and all the lights focused on this disco ball, a huge one at that top, in the middle of the ceiling, and the place lit up in this swirl of stars and moving multiple little lights. Not just on the walls, but they seemed to be little floating bubbles of multicolored lights swirling over everyones head. It was a very celestial feeling. We sat down in an isle, and I just babbled on to my sister about her need for getting with this guy she was with, and how I could not fathom time. I just kept saying...."TIME...damn....what the hell is TIME" Of course she gave me very funky looks. And every time I looked at my watch, all I saw was numbers and could not fathom what they meant. It was like we'd been at this rave for ages, years even, time was no longer an entity. It had been tossed right out the window, along with my ego. HA
My sis said she had to use the restroom, and wanted me to go with her.
So she led me back downstairs and through the crowd. I kept recognizing people, like I hadn't seen them in days. And it seemed like they recognized me. So I kept getting sidetracted in these conversations, and my sister seemed to be getting annoyed. I said just share the love hon, love everyone. She grabbed me and dragged me to the restroom. But this was a different restroom. I think it was the girls restroom. But again there were just as many guys in there as girls. I talked to just about everyone in there, and it was wild, cause as I'd talk to people, my sis would move around, behind my back, and I'd look to find her where she had just been, and she wouldn't be there, and of course Time wasn't working right, so I'd yell her name to find her, and she'd be right on the other side of me. I was all surprised at how she got over there.
And she just laughed. It was like she was teletransporting around the restroom and I could not keep a lock on her. Time and space were all screwed up. Someone offered me an orange slice, and I ate it, damn it tasted good. And then I threw the peel out the window and immeadietly got this overwhelming sense of guilt. People asked why i was pale as a ghost and I said, "I just littered. Oh NO." Then I said "what if the cops find me, thats a 1000$ fine?" I got all stressed out and concered that I just messed up mother earth. They told me not to worry, it was biodegradable and I felt better. I looked out the window at the city for what felt like the first time. The buildings were so massive, and dominant against the night sky. It was incredible. I recall saying, "damn the earth is sooooo big." And this just boggled my mind, I thought about the universe and God and how expanse everything was and how infintile we all are. And how we all need to bond together and be family and take care of everyone. I really think shrooms open us up to more than meets the eye. I mean we only use 10% of our brain power, so it has to tap into a part that has never been used but has always been there. There are some things that I think the only way we can understand is to do some sort of substance. I wonder if God created these wonderful little things just for that mind expanding potential.
Well I decided to wash my hands, and met some more really cute girls. I showed them the hand thing, with some soap this time and got about 5 girls involved. They absolutley were enthralled by this. My sister gave me a wild look like what the hell are you doing. Then they wanted pictures and we took some wild pics of us doing crazy things. My sis said we'd been in the bathroom to long, and dragged me out. Again I didn't know where I was, and it was like seeing the whole place anew again. But things started to slowly come to me, and I finally felt that I was coming down. Time started making sense again, and I could start recalling where I was and the layout of the place, and started remember everything that had happened over the last few hours, and this excited me incredibly. I went back up the balcony, and sat, and the girl that I had originally done the hand lotion thing with came and found me, and sat on me, and I wrapped my arms around her. Started teasing her neck. She was very much still tripped out on X and this drove her wild. We kissed a bit, and this was awesome, it was so natural feeling, warm and sensual. YUMMY. I was starting to feel really good. Went back downstairs, as the rave was about to be over in about 5 mins. I felt great. I felt completely normal again. Like I was the healthiest I'd ever been. I looked up at the poster/banner things. They were now moving, bright neon colors and all and I finally understood the symbolism and all that was in them, like harmony for all from earth until heaven, and be a butterfly and let your spirit fly free, mind and body become one and let it eminate from ya. I just had all kinds of sudden insights. Just then the music started to wind down as the DJ hit the stop button on the turntable. The crowd went nuts. It was wild. Everyone was so happy. Everyone gave everyone hugs, exchanged address's and numbers, took a ton of pics. Then there was a mass exodus out this small coridor, and everyone was tight together, but no one was being an asshole about it, everyone was still feeling good, and no one wanted anyone to get hurt. We finally all got everyone moving in one momentum, the whole left-right thing. I think I started shouting out marching commands and got people moving, as we finally got to the exit and busted out onto the street a shout went up and everyone yelled in excitement to be out into the real fresh world. Everything seemed good. Life was good, God was Good, people were good. I like totally understood everything. It was like my mind broke down and reorganized the puzzle pieces to make a tighter fit. I felt so wonderful. I looked at my watch, and figured I had tripped exactly 6 hours. As I drove my sis home, I'm not to familiar with san fran, but for some reason, I knew exaclty how I was going to get to the golden gate bridge, street by street, and that had never happened before. And to this day I still know my way around the city perfectly. My eyes were opened up to a whole bunch of new insights into life and how it works and how we should treat people. I remember thinking if everyone just shroomed once, the world would be such a cleaner happier more peaceful place. I can't wait for another experience like this one. It was definately a REBIRTH of sorts for me. No longer would I be the same. I now hold a much higher respect for people, and for life and nature and all in general. I just hope anyone else who decides to trip has as good an expeirence as I did. I know this was a bit long, but wasn't it worth it? HAHA

Shroom Long and Prosper

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