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Reality Dismissed

The night I will never forget started out as any other usually would; friends and I trying to score some herb for the weekend.

The night I will never forget started out as any other usually would; friends and I trying to score some herb for the weekend. About 10 p.m. we arrived at the usual hangout, and eerie setting in the woods that covers 2 square miles. The place is a constant hippie festival all year round, a “what-you-need?” 24 hour dope shop, you hardly need to know the right people to get hooked up here. The only drawback is that it can be dangerous, so traveling is numbers was a good practice. It was around Christmas time, very cold with snow on the ground. We were told to keep an eye out for “Santa Claus”, your friendly dealer walking around in a Santa suit, selling the goods. I kid you not, this Santa character was almost an omen, to the very strange night that followed. After spotting several of his elves, we finally approached one and asked where he could be found, it was too cold to be chasing around a mysterious figure in the wintertime. Once directed to the tent where Santa did his dealings, we had a seat and waited to see what he had to offer. Together the 3 of us had around $150 bucks on us, we planned on buying some quality herb and booking, but that never happened. Our friend pulled out several bags, he had the goods that night. I guess we had been good boys and girls. To our amazement, we had some excellent choices: Your common smokes: Herb, opium. All color pills: Uppers, downers and all arounders. And last but certainly not least, the famed Micro-Dots and Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. Having never tripped on acid, we decided to buy as much LSD as possible, the herb could wait because it was always available. For those not familiar with Micro-Dots, they are slightly larger than the ball in a ball point pen and orange in color. I never could imagine something so small in size capable of anything, it felt like a waste of money. Underestimating those little guys was my first mistake! So we headed home with about 6 little micro dots in a baggy and about ¼ ounce of dried Psilocybe cubensis shrooms…the dealer claimed they were potent. Time will tell, right? Back in the room, we talked about our findings that night in amazement, and contemplated how we were going to pull this off and enjoy it. I decided to have my first trip without any other buzzes interfering. So, there was both sat on the bed, watching TV, sober as 2 judges. Each one of us waited in the silence for the other to volunteer first, as this was totally new territory to a bunch of potheads. My friend who I will call “L” decided it was time. We broke out the baggy of micro-dots and shrooms, not knowing what to take first or what it would do. After a few minutes on the phone with an LSD experienced friend, L popped 2 micro-dots on his tongue and let them dissolve. After 10 minutes, I couldn’t bear the fact that my friend had taken them and I was letting him go in alone, so I took 2 myself. They are so surprisingly small that dissolving took like 20 seconds. Worried that the micro-dots might not be sufficient, we decided to break open the dried cubensis and eat about 1/8th apiece. The taste was horrid; I shoved a beer in my mouth to rinse it down. Instead I ended up with a mouth of beer foam and mushrooms floating around, it was so disgusting I had to swallow before I gagged on the stuff. Adding the beer made it go from gross to just disgusting. Looking back, this was not very wise, a lot of LSD was on its way to our stomachs. Woo-hoo! The next 8 hours make up a night I will never forget, can never forget. After ingesting that nights purchases we sat and watched T.V. on the bed. I was lost in the television and almost forgot what I had eaten, until a feeling came out of nowhere. It was so strong I sat straight up in a flash, with a huge smile on my face…This was such an amazing feeling, no words, adjectives, nothing can describe it. The closest I can come to describing it would be “Happy”, although that doesn’t do it justice. I looked over at L and remember him saying, “If your feeling what I am, you’re the happiest person in the world”. And I was. About 40 minutes into it I laid on my back staring up at the ceiling…in a state of complete bliss. At that moment I noticed something that blew me away, the first of the visuals were kicking in. I passed my hand in front of me, and an amazing rainbow-type series of more hands followed it. The tracers we so amazing I sat there for what seemed like eternity passing my hand in front of my face…I had never seen anything this amazing in my life!! Simple minds, right? Then something else caught my eye…above my hands was the ceiling, and what it was doing made my hand trick seem boring! The white plaster ceiling was dancing, dripping, oscillating, all to the sounds and voices of the TV. Was I really seeing this? Was L getting all this too? Wait, I am in a room with someone else! Hard to believe as it was, I was lost in my own world…the room didn’t exist, only my hands, the ceiling, and the background sounds of a rambling television show. I sat there for over two hours entertaining myself, never thinking of my friend that was hardly 6 inches way, how did that happen? It was time to make contact with the 2nd member in the room, L. It seemed that he was light years away from me, and it would require a journey to talk to him, but it had to be done. After spending 2 or more hours (who’s counting) on my back, I made a move to roll over and see L, only to be more shocked. A person was lying next to me, yet I could not recognize him/her for the life of me. I had to make a trip to the bathroom…visit the mirror to make sure I was still me. I barely recognized myself, yet my eyes were almost the size of black dinner plates, gigantic pupils that made my face unrecognizable…I felt the onset of panicking then calling me to the room. L was calling me, but at that point I didn’t recognize or remember him, but his voice drew me back to the world I remember before eating these mysterious goods…it was coming back! I came to the bed and L was a different person, but it had to be the person I ate these with…it was! We started talking, and this brought on another episode that still blows my mind today…never being a believer in e.s.p. paranormal stuff, I experienced some type of mind reading that night. We both agreed verbally that the other person other was unrecognizable…not only was L’s face totally different, but it looked like some man in a movie I had seen. If not for us talking I surely would have lost it…what was going on? Something completely amazing…the night seemed like an endless party…the ceiling developed into a disco ball and the ceiling fan was commanding it…with MTV now in the background, my mind was completely blown at this point. Having made amends with this unrecognizable person, who I later found out was my friend L, I felt at incredible ease and comfort. We talked and he introduced a bag of chips to me… I remember the foil lining of the bad…the silver void seemed endless, it had drawn me away from the ceiling adventures. The potato chips seemed like mountains that one had to conquer before he could explore the silver skyline behind them, what lay beyond the chips? I never found out, instead devoured one chip at a time, swearing that I could taste the dirt these fine potatoes had grown in months ago, before going to the chip processing plant. Hmmm, how long had I spent exploring the bag of chips before L’s voice called to me? I was on the bed again, sharing thoughts and words with L, but it was literally the same thing…I vaguely remember him saying “Holy S#IT, your thinking the same thing I am!” and I couldn’t agree more. We seemed to share a silent link, in each other’s heads, amazed at this new form of communication…was I still in this world we knew? I know this was not a drugged-up hallucination because to this day it seems crystal clear, how we both had a mind reading/sharing experience. Beyond words, literally. I won’t take time trying to explain that one because no combination of words in the English language can explain it properly. About 8 hours later we seemed to have sobered up a tremendous bit, yet things were still amazingly out of sequence. Climbing in my car the next morning and lighting up that first cigarette was wild…my car was a different one…why was everything so different? The town, the drive home, everything was different from the night on. I guess one would call it a perspective change. It’s still the same world, yet so different in the ways that thoughts are processed. That night I experience what I might call “blocks”; every thought was in the form of a block suspended in mid air. That’s the best I can explain it. Well, since then everything resembles that perspective slightly…routes I drive, things I do, take place in “blocks” of thought, slightly suspended in mid air as my thoughts were that night. I haven’t told this story to anyone in detail, as it seems crazy if you have never experienced the wonder of LSD. As far as my friend L goes, we still share the “feeling” to this day. Its been almost 3 years, and when we see each other it’s a connection I can’t possibly explain. The mind reading has gone away, but there is something very strong when we are in each others presence. Writing this story, I’ve been riding on a slight buzz resembling the feeling I had that night…does this feeling from that night still reside in me somewhat? I am sure of it. I hope most of you can relate to this story, and that you had an amazing experience like mine. If not, try again, it’s definitely a life-altering experience. For the worst or better? You be the judge. Stay cool!

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