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Raving Mad

The night started out well, i had a nice evening with my girlfriend and later that night we going to head to a party, or rave as some people would still call them (around here Rave is dead, the subculture has lost all meaning and is now just big drug induced moron parade to see who can the the most "fucked" for the worst reason).

The night started out well, i had a nice evening with my girlfriend and later that night we going to head to a party, or rave as some people would still call them (around here Rave is dead, the subculture has lost all meaning and is now just big drug induced moron parade to see who can the the most "fucked" for the worst reason). on the way we picked up a couple of our friends and chilled for a bit in a coffee shop. We had time to kill so we thought we'd take a trip to the zoo, oh i mean the mall, so we went and there we coincidentaly hooked up with even more of our friends. So with a full van and some really loud tribal house blasting on it's stereo we headed out to the party.
When we arrived we walked behind the building to smoke a joint, there was a bouncer out there doing some shit so i asked him if he'd like to smoke a joint with us, he did and he let me and my girlfriend in for free and my other friends got in without being searched. We didn't have any shit on us anymore anyways but it was nice. We got in and there were two rooms, the main room was not decorated and was fairly uninteresting.
So there was a really hard hard hardcore DJ on, like that kind of terror, speed, hardcore that you can't dance to. It was fun to listen to, but it's not really intelligent music and i couldn't groove to it no matter how hard i tried. So after listening to that for a while i see an old friend that i haven't seen in a while, and he lays a quarter of shrooms on me. They were dried and coloured a whitish gray with dark blue streaks running all through them. So i'm like, wow i haven't done shrooms in a while (i'm respectfull of mushrooms and don't do them for frivolous reasons), and i decided that i would eat them for the simple reason of letting me explore the music deeper and more intensly than i ussualy can. So i took five grams and broke all the caps and stalks up with some scissors i borrowed from some pompous kandy kid. Then i put the powdered bits in a pice of kleenex, balled it, twisted it shut, and lubed the outside of the makeshift capsule with my own spit, then with alot of resolve and a water bottle and maraged to swallow 5 grams in one giant ball. It worked. and i didn't have to taste the little guys. Cause I hate the taste.
I danced through a hard trance set and came up after about an hour (i attribute that to my use of crystal the day before, by the way crystal is garbage, don't do it). When i was zooming i heard some nice house start up in the other room. The trance was boring but the house wouldn't let me stop moving. The shrooms were alowing the music to flow into me, i got into a little dance trance of the shamanic kind. I danced like this for about 20 minits and then i started to experiece ego death, rather unpleasant ego death.
The mushrooms were telling me to let go and sore with them, but i couldn't let myself get that gone in public, no way. And didn't want to be an asshole and make my girlfriend take me home and screw like 5 people out of a ride later. So i toughed it out. The visuals we totally unnoticable. At first. Then i looked at the carpet, the plain burgandy coloured carpet had taken of the look of a very very elaborate Persian rug, the designs intelaced and moved, they interacted in pefect unison, flowing with the music. Every time i looked at a part of my own body it felt like i was operating my body by psychic remote control from another place entirely. My ego was splitting in several different versions of me, on second i would be one person the next i would be still me but a different part of me would dominate.
I though about alot of thing and worked through alot of personal problems. At one point i looked at a giant fan and then i looked away, and the whole universe rippled and broke away for about a second and i experienced the void. It must have only been a second cause when i snapped back to reality the same people were standing around me. Most of the trip was psychological. After a couple hours of this I started to come down and was feeling pretty good. That was when i noticed that the party sucked, everyone was there just to be high, no one was really having a good time, no one was dancing, they were all sitting around being fucked. And that made me really really sad, through the past 5 years i watched the thing known as rave culture turn from a thing of secret greatness, to a pop culture nightmare that's the complete opposite of what it was. I don't know how it is in other places but that's the way it is where i live. I became really depressed, and then some chick i knew from school came up all messed up and she totally was tweaking. I had to babysit her for the rest of the night. It really got to me, that night, i wanted to stop partying for good, after taking a good look at the way it's gone. The party ended and i was glad to have one personality again. I went home with my grilfriend and i smoked a few poppers (putting a ball of weed in the end of a tube going into a bottle filled with water burning the whole amount and then sucking hard to pop the ashes, gets you like twice a baked as normal bong hits will). I was pretty depressed about the party but things strated to look up when i realized i had a whole 2 hours with my girlfriend before she had to go. mwa ha ha. Anyways, i hardly ever do shrooms at a party, they're good for dancing drive but its not really the proper environment to shroom in. There are too many factors, too many things that could go wrong. The best party drug is adrenaline, and the vibe other people exude, if you can't have a true rave experience without drugs then you might want to take a long hard look at why you're raving. They're damn fun though aren't they...

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