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rasberry lemonade

RASBERRY LEMONADE Let me start off by saying that this was nuts.


Let me start off by saying that this was nuts. I am 15 years
old and am a pretty light guy and took a little more than I
could handle. It all started around 7:00 in the morning, and I had taken about 5 fresh full sized mushrooms and mixed
them in a blender with about 16oz. of rasberry lemonade. After ingestion I instantly started feeling sick. And about five minutes later I had allready felt the physical effects of the mushrooms wich scared the shit out of me. I have taken shrooms before but it had never worked this fast. I started hallucinating about 7 minutes later and my friends showed up. By this time I was no longer sick. They were frying when they got here and I was tripping hard.

I started feeling really dizzy so I laid on the couch and decided to enjoy my hallucinations. I looked at my body and it was violently contorting and moving I looked at the walls and they looked as if they were a really far away and bent and warped. I've took 3 hits of acid before and this was way
way more intense. I felt as if time had stopped, it had only been 25 minutes upon ingestion. My vision was going and pretty soon it was gone, all I saw was a swirlling mass in front of me and could not see anything. My body felt as if it did not exist and only my thoughts and feelings were there nothing else not even my friends. I thought that this was never going to stop. Then what seemed like 5 or 6 hours I finally started coming down slowly, and then I saw my friends standing over me with scared looks on their faces. I
finally got my mind straight enough to start talking again and functioning correctly and then I looked at the time it had only been 3 hours scince ingestion. The rest of the trip was calming and relaxing and then slowly dicipated after 7 hours. This was by far the craziest expeirience I have had with hallucinogenics. And I strongly reccomend to take shrooms with rasberry lemonade. I think this is what caused the extremely fast onset. The rasberry lemonade is made by Minute Maid, and it comes in those frozen cans that you have to mix your self.

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