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Raped by the Devil

Well, it all started out just like most of my other trips but I truly had no Idea what I was in for.

Well, it all started out just like most of my other trips but I truly had no Idea what I was in for.... I put it as a level 4 but Not sure if it should be higher or what?

It was about 5:30 in the evening 2 years ago in June and I had roughly 1.5-2g's of dried cubensis at my disposal. This was my 2nd trip so I figured this kind of dose wouldn't be too much for a newbie but boy oh boy was I wrong- DEAD wrong!!

Ingested with OJ on the way home from the field I picked them in. Parents were to be gone all night (or so I thought), so I get home and within 20 or 30 minutes everything began to change on me. I was at my computer chatting on AOL when I noticed that the Wallpaper on my screen began to change. Faith Hills face took on the appearance of a tiger- the longer I stared at it the more detailed the lions face got. I soon closed my eyes and got up and went into the bathroom for no reason of what so ever. I sat on the toilet and within 2 minutes I felt this huge wave of energy rush through my body- right after that happened my entire body went numb- I couldn't feel my legs, hands, arms, Nothing- it was all gone- it was like I was just floating there. I stared at the door in front of me and the woodgrain started to swim very slowly and then faster and faster. I finally got up using all of my willpower because I couldn't feel jackShit- I was walking on nothing so my sense of balance was way messed up. I made it to my couch and put 2 pillows on top of me to try and escape some of the madness- wrong move. The pillows felt like they were going straight through my body- it was almost like they were a part of me. After this happened I began to melt into the couch and then into the floor, Right as this happened the whole room around me just flipped upside down, it was like I was sitting on the ceiling and watching the tv from up above- Very hard to explain but you can get the picture..... I looked at the coffee table in the center of the room and it began to change colors very quickly - from a dark grey to a bright purple, As this was all happening I began to hear a buzzing sound, kind of quiet at first but then it would get louder and louder. I heard this sound throughout the whole night. After the room flipped back to normal I made it back into my room where my bro was. I think he was playing Donkey Kong or somethin not quite sure... But I was reaching for a Coke can I had in there and every time I would try and grab it, it would move and shake. I spent about 3 or 4 minutes doing this until my bro saw me and I'm sure he figured out that I was trippin fuckin Balls. So he looked into my eyes and was like- what in the hell did you take your pupils are the size of dinnerplates!!!- I formed out the word room with my stoned ass and I guess he knew I meant shrooms.

The time now was around 9:00 and nothing seemed to be slowing down for me, it was as if every minute that passed by the trip was getting stronger and stronger.
10:00pm- This is where my trip went from bad to Horrific- Mom and dad arrive!!! My heart began to pound- a million thoughts were racing through my mind, so I went into my room to try and sleep everything off- Huge mistake. After several minutes of tossing and turning (felt like an eternity) I heard sirens- like that of an ambulance. So I look at my window and I see red and blue reflecting off the blinds and onto my clothes. Right as this happened that buzzing sound reached its peak and got reaaaaaaally Loud. I began to hear things, terrible things, death was in the air. Fucked up as this may seem but... I became convinced that I killed my father- I didn't know how I did it or why But I " knew " in my mind that I did. So my dumbass starts freakin out pacing through my hallways mumbling all of this random bullshit that my parents heard and I remember them asking me what was wrong and stuff like that, so I start yelling " I'm sorry, I'm sooooo sorry, I didn't mean to!!! " over and over again- because I killed my dad. (Which is the MOST fucked up part about the whole thing- my dad was standing right in front of me, clearly alive- But I still thought I killed him I saw Diane Sawyers on tv saying something like - " 16yr old kid in Texas kills his father while on mushrooms " and thats what pushed me over the edge. So I guess my parents asked my bro if he had known what I was on and he told them mushrooms- so My parents automatically think I got the poisonous kind and I'm going to die from them so My dad grabs me and starts bring me into our suburban to take me to the hospital. I broke loose and went into my room with my dad right on my ass- (This is where it gets strange) He grabbed me again and I fell onto one of my speakers hitting my head right on the corner- Right as I hit the ground it felt as if my whole body had shattered into a million different pieces and when I got up it felt like all of the pieces molded back together to form my body into one. ( It reminds me of the movie Terminator 2, Judgment Day when that dude melts onto the ground and forms back together )

10:30pm- I eventually made it into the truck and we were off to the hospital. My dad had called them to have an ambulance pick me up halfway there. So we make it to the place and 3 cops are there waiting for me. I roll down the window somehow and they begin to ask me a whole series of questions which I didn't understand at all. So I'm looking at their faces and they begin to melt and distort into these really evil and sinister type beings. I had no idea where I was or even why I was there, I was trippin so hard that I completely forgot that I had taken shrooms, it was like a vivid nightmare. So they all strap me into the ambulance ( It took 4 volunteer firemen to hold me down>> 5'7-112lbs ) So one of the guys gets this huge needle out and stabs me in the arm with it- I remember looking down and seeing the blood run down- It was all so clear to me.
This part is hard to explain as well but I'll try my best- right after he stuck me with the needle it was like my whole body was surrounded by these glass windows with water running over all of them so everything I saw was very blurry ( Like the way you see things when your driving and its raining) . It was then that I knew I was going to die that night. They wheeled me into the ICU and all of these nurses began to take off my clothes. I thought I was being raped by the devil and all of his little helpers for being bad and taking shrooms. Everything of mine was still numb so whenever they took off my blue jeans it was like they were going through thin air- hard to imagine I'm sure but needless to say it tripped me the fuck Out. The nurse in charge began to ask me all of these questions about what I had done that night but I was so whacked out of my skull that I thought I was telling the devil my sins so I started telling her everything I had done in my life- all of the drugs but even things as stupid and small as stealing candy and cheating on tests at skool and drinking beer.
I'm sure the nurse must've been wondering how I was even alive because she asked what I did that night- not my whole fucking life.
So they give me charcoal or some shit to absorb everything and made my teeth all nice and black for damn near 4 days.
After that one of the nurses asked somebody else " is he gone " As in is he really fucked up but I interpreted as is he dead. So right then I thought I was dead and they began to wheel me into the morgue but they really took me into a room for me to stay for the night.
Another nurse came in and told me I was going to be seeing some scary stuff and to just be brave and tough it all out through the rest of the night- easier said than done!!! I looked up at the ceiling and all of the little sprakles connected and formed lines and began to race across eachother at a million miles an hour it seemed like and then I looked at one of the AC vents which is formed around in a circle type thing- well anyways it started to look like clay pottery spinning around and it all began to melt and drip on my face. I looked at the clock and it was 2am- not tripping as hard but still completely fucked. It all felt and looked so real that I became convinced that the doctors and my parents were trying to play a trick on me.... by placing me into a room that was supposed to make me think I was tripping- with the melting walls and the likes. I eventually fell asleep and woke up around 9 or 10 feeling like a million dollars- refreshed and ready to get out of that hellhole!!!! << (literally)

any questions comments- are welcome- e-mail is butch3469@hotmail.com and AOL screenname is MrMacky34

Anybody out there even come remotely close to my trip??? If so, let me know- please. Everything that happened to me was so fuckin weird I would love to hear that somebody else has experienced as well. Sorry it was so long but thats what it takes me to get the point across.

I couldn't believe that I was trippin for 9+ hours off of 1.5g's. potent little mo'fo's I picked.. =)

I clearly underestimated these little funguys and damn't they made me pay for it.... Dearly.

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