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Random stuff , Kinda long, but Great memories

A few favorite events that stand out from previous trips are: I had tried mushrooms maybe once or twice before this, and had never eaten more than a gram or 2 (never felt much other than a lil happy).

A few favorite events that stand out from previous trips are:

I had tried mushrooms maybe once or twice before this, and had never eaten more than a gram or 2 (never felt much other than a lil happy). Until one night, While chilling w/ my 3 best friends and the guy who lived above them, and his 2 friends. Aneways, this guy just showed up outta nowhere, came into the garage; we were chill'n in. Shortened. He sold us an ounce of shrooms, we made tea w/ 3/4 of it, and split it in 3 mugs. Me and mike (trippiest, and i mean TRIPPIEST guy ever) were done our drinks within 10 minutes. About 45 minutes into the trip i caught myself laughing hysterically at the music in diddy kong racing. It was like each sound was trying to be a word. ie: bing doing be de bop.. if u've ever felt that u know what i mean, its HILARIOUS.. i was laughing so hard i put my face in a blanket and just laughed for about 15-20 minutes. Then i submerged. And noticed this really hot girl staring and laughing at me (pretty sure i was vibrating while laughing). I got really nervous/embarassed, so i put my head back in the blanket, and basically fought through the gates of hell for about an hour. Then, me and Mike went behind the garage to pee, and had assesed the possiblility of going to 7-11. He decided to go, while i stayed back at the house. But i carefully watched to see if he was going to be able to make it(the store was only 2 blocks down the street). After he got about a block away i was going to go back into the garage but suddenly i saw mike fending off 3-4 men in dark clothing, and was appearing unsuccessful, so i looked at this Steve guy who was standing in the backyard and said, "GO GET HELP, MIKES GETTIN BEAT UP!" To my surpize there was a party going on inside, and about 15-20 ppl came running out and headed towards the store (by this time i had realized there were no 'ninjas' it was merely shadow people). So i went into the garage, HOPING no one questioned it, I think Steve covered for me, since he knew i was trippin balls. And for the last 4 hours i sat back in the couch looking at the yellow insulation in the walls, and it totally kept me entertained.

Another funny quote from a recent trip "After walking through a field towards the hill trying to make most of the walk with our eyes closed, we got to the bottom of the hill, and Mike said "Holy check that out!" I said, "Check what out?" "Up in the sky, over there," he pointed to the dark sky. My dumbass says(But also sees) "All i see is that monte carlo." Yup, i looked up in the sky and saw, clear as day, a monte carlo parked up thurr. I found it a total knee slapper at the time. Hehe

My most recent trip, also with Mike. Wasn't so pleasent, altho has become a great topic of discussion amongst friends. Lalala, drivin down a backroad in my old 91 tercel. I stopped. Lit up a smoke, and said, check it out, a dead, something. I was breifly confused at what i saw, until exiting the car, and proving that what i thot i saw, was really what it was. It was some sort of Terrier mutt, PERFECTLY!!!!!! Sliced down the middle, between the eyes ,like parallel with the spine. I couldn't believe my eyes. Neither could Mike, he was already back in the car with his seatbelt on. So we went down this road that i knew lead to a nearby potash mine, so we could play some hackysack, where there was some light, without having to worry about people bothering us. (hm.) After arriving, and parking near the back of the lot, we got about 10 minutes of playing in when i noticed 3 Large men walking toward us.
"Shit! Mike get in the car, theres guys coming." We got in the car n headed toward the exit (also toward the guys). As I approached these crazy fuckers, I noticed several strange things. For one, I know this potash mine quite well as I've helped my Dad load and unload semis from time to time. And i know that in every division, at each front door, there are lockers, and boxes with lite blue hardhats. It has always been that way, same color. EVERYONE that works there (except truckers, BUT, there were no trucks around) has always worn those blue hats. But these guys had matching yellow overalls and yellow hardhats, so that was kinda wierd to me. Anyways, as i got up to them, they looked PISSED. So i floored it, and they each threw 2+ heavy metal tools (hammers, crowbars, pipes) at my car. Luckily they didn't break any windows or we wouldn't have made it back into the city fast enough. they smashed out my passenger side mirror and my drivers side tail light. They hopped in their truck (that was parked near the front of the exit), and started to chase us, so i pinned it doing 200km/h for 6km back into the city. They were slowly gainin on us, and they kept turning their headlights off, so i could not see them (it was almost pitch black, im sure they could just barely see. I got into the city and kept goin about 160 for about a mile inside the city, and noticed they had stopped in the middle of the road a few blocks back. That was the end of those guys.
Note: during this trip we were on about 4 grams of real good zamz. But, the dog WAS real, and im pretty convinced those guys WERE murderers (and possibly the ppl that cut the dog). After we got back into the city the cops were actin super trippy, like poppin up outta nowhere and following behind me very slowly until out of sight, then another would pop up, i suggested we surrender, but Mike said keep drivin, so i did. We woke up a friend and hid in her basement until we came down.

I will maybe post some more trip reports another day, i hope you enjoyed, and that i did not waste too much of your time

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