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It was my second time consuming shrooms; My girlfriend and I had an eighth of an ounce each.

It was my second time consuming shrooms; My girlfriend and I had an eighth of an ounce each. We ate them as soon as we got them while watching TV. After that we smoked a few bowls of some really potent herb, and by the 4th or 5th bowl I could feel the trip coming on hardcore. As I stared at the TV that M&Ms comercial came on, (the one with all the ripples and colors) and before i knew it the pattern on the TV had spread all over the room and I had to turn the TV off. I began 6to feel very self-concious about how much harder i was tripping than my Girlfriend was, so i tried to calm down. I decided to distract myself with the computer. I tried going on Aim but when i tried talking to people I would just speak out loud and expect that they could hear me. Someone brought this to my attention so i just sat back down. I sat still for a few minutes before i began to see the walls moving, they seemed to be breathing, I had this strong urge to get to a more open space. I repeatedly told my girlfriend not to make any noise as the "beast" we were inside would hear us. I eventually convinced her to come to the attic with me, the ceilings there weren't so confining. I quickly ran to the window in the attic and put my face out of it, I looked around outside, but all my depth perception was gone it all seemed like some huge canvas painting. As I turned around to try to escape this outrageous notion of a painting that big I loooked back at my girlfriend staring at me and watched as her body transformed slowly into that of a Raptor. I screamed. In asked her what the fuck kind of makeup she was wearing, because it seemed apparent that this was just some plot to frighten me. I told her to calm the fuck down, aned come in the next room with me, but all i heard coming back at me was the hungry wailing of a baby dinosaur. I quickly headed back to my room. after several minutes, she came back into my room, completely normal. We watched Pink Floyd's The Wall for about hgalf an hour before my beagle dog came in. My girlfriend and I were horrified at the idea of the dog being present, because we both seemed to think that the dog was some sort of demon. When i looked at my dog he began to have static over him, like on a TV. I hurried to get him out the door and contunued to watch the movie. It had been quite a while now and my trip was still going strong. I sat idle for another half hour before the walls melted into putty and behind them were endless streams of what seemed to me like DNA. After that I just let myself drift into endless cerebreal chasms of dumbfound misbelief.

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