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Queen of the Dead

For a little background: I'm 19, 175lbs, 6ft tall, ive tripped on shrooms 5 times, high-grade Salvia about 30 times, and thats it other than a lot of drinking.

For a little background:

I'm 19, 175lbs, 6ft tall, ive tripped on shrooms 5 times, high-grade Salvia about 30 times, and thats it other than a lot of drinking. I hold mushrooms to be a very religious experience, and dont take them lightly. This particular time was on a Sunday, at 5:00pm, and i ingested 3.6 dry grams of Psy. Cubensis, Cambodian strain that i grew myself. the shrooms were chewed up thoroughly, and taken down w/ a shot of lemon juice.

15 minutes after eating the shrooms, I began to have the best, most spiritual experience of my relatively short life. it started at 5:14 with my legs feeling heavy. this really good feeling i get every time i shroom caught up w/ me about 5:20.

I laid down on one of my couches and every nerve ending in my body began orgasming, which is usual on my shroom trips. light tracers that were green and yellow appeared on my closed eyelids. at this point I decided to go outside. I sat on my reclining porch chair, and watched the world around me change. I live on a natural preserve, and when I looked into the woods, I saw the strangest most beautiful creature ever. Its head was the skull of a goat, it had bones that were shining and had ice-cycles forming armor around them. It told me that it was the Queen of the Dead, and that I should ask it many questions. I stated, "You're the one." it asnwered, yes it was. I asked her what the nature of the divine was, and she told me to close my eyes.

Immediately, I was swimming in pink and red lotus flowers, tentacles shot up around me and went to a pyramid in the sky. then i saw god. she was beautiful, but would not let me see her eyes. she told me she was mother earth, and that everything is a part of her. then her face turned into the devil, but a Mayan version of the devil, and i realized that god and the devil are the same. the most beautiful, haunting music ever played in my head, it had violins and a strange string instrument, perhaps a harp. god told me to speak more with the Queen of the Dead, so i may know more.

i opened my eyes and the Queen was still there. over a decade ago, when i was only 5 or 6, i thought i saw a man in a hat walking in our backyard, and i woke my dad up, and he said he didnt know what it was, but he couldnt find anything. The goat-skulled beast summoned up the man in the hat, and showed me exaclty how he was only a shadow, and that light and dark are also one and the same. i had not thought about that man in the hat for over 10 years, but out of nowhere it popped up in my trip. I thanked the creature for showing me this, and then it told me to watch the sky. Hawks were circling around overhead, and i saw chinese dragon things in the clouds, i think i actually cried when i watched this, it was very overwhelming.

I then understood that none of this was for me, and at that moment i ceased to exist. I realized that for most of my life I worship myself, and that now I had let the divine come into me, and that it was time for me to worship her. I experienced a total loss of ego, it was insane. i was reborn later, time was also dead, and my appendages looked translucent, like a fetus. it was then that i knew that i was merely a child compared to the ancient, holy presence that possesed me.

i got confused to how i was able to die and come back to life, and so i looked over at the Queen of the Dead, and she torn open her bones, and revealed flowers inside, and expalined that life and death are also the same. then she left, and told me this: "What fades from the light, lives in the shadows, and never lives nor dies."

in spent the next hour or so thrashing around in my bed, drinking water from a gallon jug, and eating bread slices, shaking from head to toe. then i understood that i was being reborn, and it made me feel a much deeper connection to my mother than i have ever known. that was pretty much how the trip ended, though i had some serious after glow.

the music was something i havent ever experienced before, and the knowledge imparted in the trip was far more real than anything i have ever learned any other way. may all who seek the truth be as blessed by the sacred fungus as I was.


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