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First time shrooming...

Well, my name's Danny.

Well, my name's Danny. im in highschool, Today was the first time ive ever done shrooms.

It started a while back this year...

My friend told me he quit..or was at least trying to quit because mushrooms were so much better. So i said hey, what the hell, i may as well give it a try then...

this morning i got off my bus and me and my buddy fernando went to p.h's car got my 40 bucks worth. and i wen to my first period

all i could think about was eating the shrooms. eating them. i had to eat em, but i remembered i was gona split it with my friend saturday. but i said. f&%k it. pretty much i just didnt want my first time to be a waste, so therefore. i had to eat them all. in my 2nd per. i went to the bathroom and ate a little more than half what i capped with nestea brisk. when i was about done i had maybe half a G left...i thought "thats not enough"....i ate the rest. by the time i was in 3rd period i noticed my head was a bit drowzy and things were a bit weird. i duno how to describe how i felt at that point besides the weird feeling ud get from a desert. by the time i left 3rd per. i noticed i was feeling really good, and when i got out into the hall i felt like i was walking much faster than i shouldve, it was fast...believe me....strange though, cus i was walkign so fast, but i was a few seconds late for my 4th period.
Now, this is where it got weird, the moment i stepped int he class i sat down and started listening to my music...the teacher doesnt care and stuff (not like it was the drug makin me defiant or w/e). so then i was listenin to the end~the doors, when i noticed all these black kids were really pissing my friend off putting shit on his back and stuff, I WAS LAUGHING MY ASS OFF...ith them, and before i knew it my friend was PISSED. now when i look back at it though...he was really that mad, basicaly take every feeling i had, and max it out...thats what it wa slike for about 20 minutes until it got weird(er)
i lifted my head after a 10 minute 'lying my head down closing my eyes' type of nap which was incredible because my mind was racing so quickly, i wasnt relaxed at all, in fact i was starting to freak out.~~~i lifted my head and my best friend david's face was yellow. he looked liek a yellow alien monkey. it was whack. weird/whack. he was pissed, he didnt even wana talk to me because i was laughing so hard at him...which wasnt nice. so he really began to kill my trip, and i began breaking pencils, throwing shit , and other dumb shit ud do when ur angry. i thought for a second really hard and my mind was going through millions of thoughts in seconds.

i remember seeing this black kid and he seemed maybe about 2 feet shorter than usualy and he looked like a teddybear/mokey boy...

after another nap listening to the doors i opened my eyes and the techer was standing next to me. she's a fat short lady with a really annoying voice. she started bitchin at me and said i wasnt suppsoed to sit there listening to my heaphones on ull blast where i couldnt hear her. basically she doesnt mind u listening to ur music , but if she calls ur name u better respond, or ur screwed...i didnt respond, this wasnt the first time ive gotten in trouble for this so she got pissed, and pulled the im going to contact ur parents...
i went back to my seat, and i was sooo mad man, im tellin you, i was on the verge of breaking someones face, whoever it was. event he teacher. before i kenw it the class was over and my teacher hadnt said one more word to me because she could see how mad i was and didnt wana push it. damn, im usualyl a pretty peaceful dude. well, my friend made a joke and i responded quite angrily saying "What the fuck, youre always fucking around!" my friend....or should i say my yellow alien friend david lol, goes "chill man, ur yelling". at that point i noticed he wasnt really ever that mad. it was the drugs i tell ya!.
so then i said sorry. i went to lunch after apoligizing to the teacher once the bad part of my trip was over...she was happy too when i apoligized....well i guess ill find out tomorrow how she is in school...well ya, then i went to lunch, and i was slowly getting into a whole different kind of trip, where it was liek i was just dreaming...and i was still a bit violent..but in a funny way, jokingly violent.
well a bit later i saw my brother in my lunch and i was actualyl really happy to see him...evenm though i see him everyday, this time it was liek, dream-happy.

later i showed up in p.e with ferndando...we didnt dress out because wghen u dont dress out u basically get to hill and sit downt he whole period int he middle of the field and do whatever you want...
sitting there int he field was great , we met this other dude that smokes bud and we talked about my trip for abotu 30 minutes when i decided to eat the tiny bit i had left. it was nuts. i felt so relaxed lying int eh field in the soft grass. we made jokes and my cheeks felt swollen and at one point i twisted this piece of grass i had pulled out the ground and was quite amazed by it, i felt liek i could make liek 5 bucks with that thing i swear.
after p.e. it was basically over. the rest of the day i was just lay back as fuck.

well yah, that was my day on shrooms. id say it went alright, but it hink im gona beat my friends ass for making so much of it sucky. im jokin im not violent!.. alright well, it was quite strange. im definatly doing it again, exept with soemthing besides nest tea, and that was for just a ltitle more than a half of the whole feast...the rest was gross. the taste is bad, not like terible, but shitty. it would definatly taste better with chocolate or oj. i hope my story at least entertained you a bit. if not, im very sorry.

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