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Purple and Yellow Sw

Im only at level 2 as of now.

Im only at level 2 as of now..but last night I could not type thyis and everything had purple and yellow beautifl swirls in them. I cant wait to see them again.
Have you ever seen plaid? Blue,. orange and yellow and black plaid all over everyone almost like virtual reality yet you kniw its not there. Yet is is

I had a fight in my head about seeing Michale myers as I tried to convince myself to go to the store on a trip and my friends begged me to stay but I insisted on leaving..as I walked up from my friend sporch..seeing the deserted street..I see HIm..Micheal..the mask and all..I knwo hes not there but Im gonna have a struggle with him should I walk acroos the strreet to my car. Buyt if I walked back in there to my friends and told em I was thinking..they are all gonna laugh at me.
I decided to get laughed at =)
it was fun
Shrooms and Weed forever.
theres no poin in trying anything else.
well maybe Ecstacy but not alot its bad for ya hehe

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