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psychic phenomenon

A few years back 3 friends and myself decided to take some mushrooms.

A few years back 3 friends and myself decided to take some mushrooms. Each of us had eaten about an 1/8 oz. of an unknown strain of mushrooms. They were pretty stemmy with golfball sized caps of a reddish brown color. If I had to guess I would say that they were cubensis.

Within a half hour we were on our way at a fast rate, seeing good trails, colors undulating objects in the room, typical psychedelic type thoughts, etc.

At about an hour we decided to smoke a steamroller (waterless bong) of some good sinsemilla. With each of us taking two large chokers out of the bong things were starting to really get serious at an even faster rate.

I remember each of us sitting in different spots in the room. One friend facing me, and one on my left and right facing each other. At this point I am sitting on the couch looking up at the celing watching the bends,shadows and colors from the intersetion of 2 walls and the celing, you know where it looks like 'Y'

I remember giggling and laughing with everyone thinking that this is fucking great, I don't believe I have been this high before. I watched spiral patterns start to appear from the intersection of the wall and celing, and start spreading over everything that I was looking at, and it would start to take on a clear psychedelic shimmering and infect everything.

This is where things start getting unusual. I remember thinking, oh boy this is getting to intense. It was as if a visible greyish spiral colored breeze was blowing through the room. It also appeared that there was a shimmering fog that started to appear on everything at the same time as the breeze.

What started freaking us out was that the breeze slowly started to cover everything. coming and going in waves, and at one point or another where we realized we might be in some deep shit, it stopped infecting everything, and infected us instead. Kind of like going beyond the visuals. Things around us looked unusually clear and wavy, but we were now the objects of the breeze. I remember my friends looking as if they were covered in swirling spirals and each of us appeared as jellified objects on the couch and chairs, moving in sync with each other.

I remember each of us realizing this, and now knowing we are in deep shit. It started infecting our minds more. I remember the only thought in my head was a white backround and a big psychedelic looking question mark. I started hearing thoughts that I was thinking to myself, and was confused as to whether I was really hearing these thoughts or just thinking them.

I would say 'What?'

And my friends would say 'What?'

And I could hardly muster up the mental ability to say 'I don't know. I don't remember'

For some reason this was very scary to all of us as we were passing around these thoughts that none of us could answer and we were stuck in the same pattern of thought, repeatedly.

I remember saying. Im sick. This is like a virus and I cant shake it. I would look into the eyes of my friends and their pupils were as big as quarters, and you could see light reflecting back to yourself, as if there were beams of thought passing back and forth. My friends would say 'don't look at me, stop doing that to me'

This went on for about 4 hours, and things tapered off and the breeze finally went away as if it had never happend.

Each of us were left wondering, what just happened? That was not a normal trip.

I was confused for 3 days afterwards. Just left in shock and awe as to what we had witnessed.

It was not fun or bad. It was truly an experience.

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