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Psychedelic Party

Here's one of my more interesting trips.

Here's one of my more interesting trips. It happened 5 months ago, but my memory is a little fuzzy because I've had subsequent trips with the same "people". The first trip was the most memorable though, so here's how it went:

It was 7:00pm on a weekday night. I was just moving out of my old residence at university and that night, no one was there. With no phone and no TV, it was a perfect night for a solo experiment. I ate 4 freshly dried P.Cube mushrooms (1.5" cap, 4" stem, dry) with a water chaser. I packed my stuff until I could start to feel the energy rushes hitting me every 5 seconds or so. That's when I decided to lay down with lights off, curtains closed, and eyes closed. I stayed there for perhaps an hour, letting visual images come to me. I saw the ever-common "fingerprint" motif first, that didn't last very long. Soon, random noises would impress themselves into my field of vision. I thought it would be nice to have some other stimulus besides random honks and sirens.

I put on a CD of mine that I hadn't listened to for a while. It was _Open Letter_ by Loose Tubes, a 20+ piece UK jazz ensemble. They play very rhythmic instrumental patterns that are really cool to listen to, even straight.

I laid down in bed again, and let my mind return to the visions. At first, the music is pretty chaotic, so it was hard to adjust, but once a beat started, I quickly got entranced. The horns play a theme that drone on in different variations, while my vision pulsed in sync. Then visions of shadows appeared in black and white. Just lines and abstract shapes, but in time with what was happening in the music. Soon, the different instruments started to take on their own geometric shape, and orient themselves according to what they were playing at the time, note by note. This went on for quite some time until I finally realized they had taken colors as well. I didn't notice the switch until my mind went BANG and I caught on. Then I found that I could manipulate the colors by thought, but I chose to let them be whatever the instruments wanted them to be.

Unfortunately they chose to be those tacky shades of orange and brown from the late 70's! (no joke) I started to visualize a cross between Logan's Run and a go-go bar, all shaded in a brown/orange/yellow motif. People were in here! Hey, this is new. I've often visualized a person I knew before, or maybe an image of something unknown, but never a room full of go-go dancers! I was immersed in a partylike evironment where a guide grabbed me by the hand and dragged/flew me around the room and introduced me to people. They were totally unfamiliar in appearance, and in name. It was really weird for my mind to be inventing so many new personas in a row. After a flurry of action, the room eventually got sucked up into a black hole, and the 70's people were gone.

Then I was wandering around a campus (not mine). I didn't know where I was supposed to go or do, so I sat down and chatted with a girl on a bench. I tried to find out about where I was, and we end up talking for 2-3 minutes before she was sucked up in a rectangular array of black holes. Black holes were also a common motif on this trip.

Next, I was in Rio. Or somewhere that has a big spanish-style carnival. I zoomed into the middle of thousands of people dancing in the streets. I partied for the next few minutes (seemed longer) and had more fun than I could imagine having at the real thing. Unfortunately, the spanish-style song playing on the CD was finished, and the world was sucked up by one big black hole infinitely far away. Too bad, that was one of the best places.

The rest of the trip continued in episodes like this, sometimes returning to familiar places, sometimes new ones. The common theme though is personal interaction with personalities I don't know. I actually learn about someone from myself (or perhaps not myself, for you telepathy fans). The good part is that none of the other people were angry or hostile. Everyone was uniformly happy and often dancing. It's like tapping into the "euphoria" component of the brain. Even the somber music and thoughts only produced less happy people, or no people at all.

Like I mentioned at the beginning, I have tried to visit the people again, with reasonable success. It's never as good as the first time, but I can do it if I duplicate the conditions. I haven't tried seeing people with no auditory stimulation.

This makes me wonder about "elves". I've met and conversed with people several times now, but they weren't small children, most were adult. But they are happy and dancing (often acting childlike), which I understand is another common theme. Is this all imagination? The dose is pretty low for hyperspace, but when I got up after the disk finished, I couldn't believe how distorted my visuals were. I always had a concept of self on these trips though. It would be interesting to hear if others have talked with imaginary people before, and under what circumstances.

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