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Psychedelic Dr. Doolittle

Had another glorious Chernobyl of the mind last night, but no radioactive fallout (: (maybe it was fusion?

Had another glorious Chernobyl of the mind last night, but no radioactive fallout (: (maybe it was fusion?). I took about 4.5 dried grams i'd say and they came on in about 15 minutes flat. My mind started to unfold lizardine geometries out into the room, i looked at the clock, saw how little time had passed and thought, "Oh Holy Jesus, here we go... Mr. Toad's wild ride."

I always enter these entity infested spaces when i'm on mushrooms and then when i'm through tend to down play how many of the little buggers there were. There were LOTS of the little buggers, folks. Got a little rattled at the half hour mark as shroomalia encroached from every direction, let out the jib a bit, and my sails opened up just fine for clear sailing the rest of the way. At fourty five minutes or so i felt DMT overlaying its template onto the trip and insinuating its iconography into every little took and cranny. Oh no, i thought - i don't know if i'm up for three+ hours of that. it didn't stay however, pheww. the next hour was mushroom giggles and me (sometimes out loud) joking back and forth with all the tykes and antipodes. They were not strictly what i understand to be McKenna's DMT elves, but they were of the same ilk - one a big loping saurian lepidoptera, slow moving and aqeous, all self-transforming, all of such biological precision that they entertained images of the machine. I kid with these creatures as i do with old friends, children and monkeys . . . we have a good repoire. They'll give me a weird gift and i'll say, "what is that ever for?" and they'll giggle and it will explode and i'll retort "very funny!!!" and mop up the goo. At one point they all started rushing up to me and 'shhh-ing', insisting that i be quiet (i'm going why? what? what is it?) and them seeming to rush off down through the floor of my upstairs room to the area in space below me where i know the front door to be. At that moment my housemate came home with her parents in tow and they opened the door and came in. "AHA!!!" i thought, and had the sense that they were like litle munchkins running down to see the other humans come in like children with presents on christmas morn. When they came back up through the shroom cosmos where i could see them again they were all laughing and giggling in a very self-satisfied, I-told-you-so kind of way. "Oh yeah?" i said, "You think you're all so smart, huh? Then tell me, what is behind me?" (One of my little pet theories is that you'd see A LOT if you could see directly back behind yourself into your mind. We easily forget that we only see half the world). At this, they all started moving toward whatever is there and ckecking in with me as though to ask, "over here?" So I said, "Yup. BAck there. You go and find out and come tell me." They never did tell me, unless the cascade of hallucina-vistas that overtook me at that moment were their answer - this is when the non-euclidean curvilinear amorphous geometries took hold, drawn with a zillion lines spun into a rapidograph-style web of the most beautiful ecstatic colors i ever did see. I don't think this was their answer though. I think they were trying to distract me with beauty, but who knows? This is also when I got electrocuted by the puckered white-noise zaps that always zing me on shrooms. Tried resonating to them with my voice but felt off and silly. Got zapped a bunch of times. It hurt. I felt like I was a neuron and I was having electrical impulses surge through me. Very weird. To chill out I scrambled over my tripping self to find "The Genius of Ravi Shankar" and was spun out into these amazing symphonies of sound and grace. I can't think of better music to shroom to, anyone else tried this? Eventually came down and danced for quite a while in open-hearted joy. So good for me, so healing. Very playful and affirming. Felt like a "go-ahead" from the universe. Ahhhh....

Oh, yeah, there was also this fractal octopus chrysanthemum creature that googled and baubled as it undulated into sight. I exclaimed, "What the heck is that thing?!?" in spite of myself. (:

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