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pothead on shrooms!!

A few days ago, right before spring break, me and a few friends decided to pool our money togethor and buy a few eiths of shrooms.

A few days ago, right before spring break, me and a few friends decided to pool our money togethor and buy a few eiths of shrooms. My friends had tripped before, but I was a first timer. We drove up to carpenteria woth our shrooms in hand. The things smelled like shit so weput some stuff on them before we ate them to make them taste better. I ate mine with licamaide. We each had a little more than 1/8 each. Within 15 minutes I noticed myself laughing alot. Ive smoked a lot of weed but I have never laughed like this. I new it was starting
Another ten minutes of laughing on the beach when I started hearing things. It wasnt like I would get up and it would go away. It was like the sound was alive and following me around. My friends told me to sit down and relax. Bad idea. We were sitting right on the beach next to the water. I kept seeing the water change and morph. it kept turnign into rock for a second, then back to water. Right after it changed for about the 30 time, I saw a glowing thing coming toward me out of the water. I wasnt scared though, it was liek my body wasnt even there so I didnt mind if it came up to me. I kept watching it come closer and closer, at first it was likea glow or something, but then it got scaled and shit and started turning into a big ol' bug flying around. I asked my friends if they saw it but when i turned to them, no one was there, but I could here there voices. I looked back at the monster, but it was standing about 3 inches from my face, just looking at me, then it just melted liek sand, into the sand. It was melting so slow it looked like it was in slow motion. I looked at my watch to see how long this lasted for. Another bad idea. The hands of the watch were trying to grab me. The ticking was also trippin me out. I must have looked like an idiot because I remember getting in a fight with the hands of the watch. My friends came back to were they were sitting and we just started talking about regular things, girls, our trips, weed regular stuff. As I was talking to them i was almost sure my trip was over, until one of my friends grew another nose, right there. I was totally concious and was trying to decide if I was tripping or if he grew another nose, but I couldnt decide. I closed my eyes cuz I was starting to get scared. I saw some crazy shit in there. It was like I was a little dude living INSIDE my own brain. I was just looking around at my own brain. The all these demons came and started eating my brain. I got scared and opened my eyes up only to find that it was night time. I must have been tripping for 3 or 4 hours now. I looked at the stars and they started forming pictures, like connect the dots. Whatever I wanted to see, I saw in the sky. It was fucked up. My friends were over there trip by now and were sitting on the picnic table eating mcdonalds. I joined them and my trip was over just as fast as it started. We camped out there that night and I woke up feeling awesome. Shrooms are dope, and everyone should try em at least once.

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