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Pool+Sheep=bad trip

This happened last year in the middle of my shroom season.

This happened last year in the middle of my shroom season.
I had picked about 40 Liberty caps in my back garden that day and since the guy i usually tripped with was away I made the very smart (not) decision of taking them alone.

at 6:00p.m I ate the 40 mushrooms fresh (i don't mind the taste) and went into watch T.V. My Father and older brother arrived home (i forgot they were coming that day) and my brother came in to the T.V room ,and i started to talk complete crap to him,(I had completly forgotton that I had eaten the mushies) after 10 seconds of talking shit i realised i had eaten magic mushrooms and that i was coming up and quickly exited the room and got the hell out of the house.

i went to the local pool hall and played a couple of video games with this kid and by this stage i was getting some VERY stange thoughts into my head,for some reason I managed to convince myself that this kid was the most important person to me,i subsequently burst into silent fits of laughter at this thought and again made a quick exit.

i went into the back room where the pool tabe was,and sat on the table for a while, then the strong hallucinations hit me.
i watched the enterance to the room change into a long black tunnel and then bend up and down like it was jello.
I couldn't believe it! it was so fantastic i never realised that while tripping that solid structures could move,i only expected to see patterns on the wall.I was quite happy by this stage and decided i would like to beat myself at pool.this is where the trip went bad.

the table was huge and the pockets seemed so small and for some reason (Gee,i wonder why) i couldn't sink any balls,and it was REALLY annoying me.also i was thinking things like "shit,what if these mushies turn out to be the wrong ones" so i went out and decided to see a friend.

By this stage the hallucinations had subsided slightly,when i reached his house i was feeling really pissed off and scared, i knew i was going to have a bad trip and that i couldn't go into his house in case i freaked,i went to shelter from the miserable drizzle in a small cluster of trees and also to get my head together,as i layed beneath the trees I got a strange feeling and realised the trees had multiplyed and i was now lying,all alone,in a huge forest,in reality there were about 7 trees.this feeling lasted about a minute and then it went back to normal except the 7 trees now had a beautiful aura of blue and orange around them i began to grow content again as it began to grow dark.
I remembered something about the sky not really being blue,that it was an optical illusion,the minute i thought of this the whole sky flashed blue like a strobe light,i thought "cool,i can influence my trip"

I got out of the trees and made my way to the pool hall,when i reached the road i was nearly killed by a car,i should have been.what happened was,was that before I reached to road a car passed and the sight of the car seemed to 'loop' so when i reached the road i fell onto the pavement and this car coming towards me just went right through me,as i looked down i saw i was in the middle of the car and it was 100 ft. long.i made myself snap out of the trip and told myself to find a safe place to hide until the effects wore off.

I found a field with 10,000 sheep in it,(about 30 sheep,in reality) and went to the far side away from the noisy,noisy road on which no cars were travelling,on the far side the noise of traffic was in my ears shrieking,yet no cars were near me,this made me so scared as when i was a child all my nightmares mainly consisted of loud noise which wouldn't stop,it was so disturbing.

i looked at my hand and it started to get smaller and turn black,then it turn into a skeleton,i was so pissed off at my own brain,making me see this shit,i just wanted the lovely safe world of reality to return.

The field was wet,i was freezing,it was very dark,yet the only thing i feared was my own mind,because IT was the one putting horrible thoughts into my head,it was so fucked up,it seemed to be lasting for hours,i curled up into a ball and put my hands on my ears and tried to sleep,but i coudn't because i was so wet and cold.

After a while i got up and started to walk up the field,every time a car passed on the othe side of the field i would hide behind a bush.In case the light from the headlamps killed me

.while waiting behind a bush i heard a strange noise,come from the other side of it,i was scared shitless and peeked my head around to see what it was; a sheep was stareing me right in the eye,i think i nearly had a heart attack.i tried to punch the bastard but it bolted as did all the others and all of a sudden the noise of ten thousand sheep filled my ears, I ran for miles to get away from it.

At this stage i had been in the field about 3 hours (i'm not sure ,i didn't have a watch) when i tasted something in my mouth,i wasn't sure what it was,but of course my fucking brain told me "hey man,y'know what,i think that's blood" so now i was going out of my mind with worry i spat into my hand to see what color the saliva was,but it was too dark to even see my hand,so i tried to feel around in my mouth to see if anywhere was sore.

My tongue felt slimey,i realised that i must have bitten off a part of it,i was groaning i was so pissed off .i was thinking things like 'this is never going to end' but then i'd tell myself 'hey man,it's only a chemical it's gonna wear off soon,hang in there' i was right,about 10 minutes (could have been 10 seconds) later everything stopped.just like that,it was over,it was the happiest moment of my life....reality had returned.

i ran across the field to the road,(trying to kick a few sheep in the process) and walked to the pool hall,still feeling my tongue,i got there and was relieved to find i was still in one piece.

I went home at 11:45p.m,had a good sleep and woke up the next day feeling like nothing had happened at all.i thought i was going to be scarred for life.maybe next time.:)

My advice to trippers (even though that wasn't my first time)
is always have someone with you,you really do need the support,i felt so lonely and isolated,also i think it's important to have a watch,but maybe if you had a watch you would see how slow the trip was taking.

oh yeah,stay away from sheep.

Trip nicely ppl.


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