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Plugged In Backwards

I did shrooms for the first time recently.

I did shrooms for the first time recently. I had never been high before, but i decided that I could hack the experience of the magic mushroom. So I aquired some from a friend, and waited for an opertune time.

As it turned out, I wouldn't have to wait long. A buddy of mine and his family asked me to care for their house while they went on vacation. So I invited a couple of friends to the house and proceded to ingest said shrooms. I was fairly nervous at the time because I had never been high before and these were supposed to be intense mushrooms. I don't know what kind they were, but I had about two grams of them.

I sat around in suspense for about 20 minutes, but began to relax after the first psycological effects kicked in. In another 20 minutes or so, I started getting visuals. everything I looked at had patterns that stood out as though they had been embossed in some type of colorful energy. I was quite interested to notice taht shadows had also taken on distinct likenesses of animals and objects. There was one shadow in peticular that looked like the face of a wolf staring at me.

I then began to notice that sound had become different in the way I perceived it. I was listening to shpongle, and it was as though I could feel the very sound waves carresing my body, especially my mouth. I was getting quite euphoric at this point in my journey.

My friends decided they were hungry, so we decided to go to In n' Out (it's a California fast food chain) this was probably an unwise thing. On the way to the restaurant, I noticed that it seemed as though lights were dancing on the cars around us. The reflections of the street lights on the metallic surfaces were some of the most beautiful things I had ever seen.

As we went inside, I got quite paranoid that those around me would notice my condition. This led to the sensation that everyone who even glanced at me could see inside of me, and I inside them. This made me fairly frightened, and I was getting anxious to leave. It seemed that the food took an enternity to come, but we finally left.

On the way back I noticed that the effects were getting quite powerful. Time started loosing meaning, and it felt like I was immersed in water. This wasn't an overly unsettling feeling, just very strange. As we got back to the house, I had an overwhelming urge to curl up in a blanket and simply feel the experience. I noticed that I was starting to loose grip on the feeling of individuality. This was due in part to the fact that I was somehow able to be concious of every single sensation that my brain was receiving. Everything was melting together.

My friend turned on the TV and that made me feel somewhat more relaxed. It was 11pm, so The Simpsons had just started. This is when the visuals started getting very overpowering. Everything that I saw was changing shape. The characteristics that make things individually recognizable began to get very pronounced. Homers big nose was huge, and Marge's hair was exceptionally tall and purple. I also noticed that I thought I could see the skeletons unders flesh of my friends. This didn't really scare me much, it was just very overwhelming.

One of my two friends needed a ride home, so I jumped in the car to go along with them. This is when the moments of eternity began to happen. Stretched out rediculously long and it seemed as though the car was unable to cover any distance even though my friend was driving at a reasonable rate. This interested me immensily, because it seemed totally and completely impossible.

After this, I started to come down off the drug. The only thing I was seeing was the fact that the the rooms were shrinking and the dimensions of said rooms were changing constantly.

The entire trip lasted about five hours, and I felt fine the next day, although I had some minor gastrointestinal anomalies. The only way I can sum up the experience is like this:

It was felt like being plugged in backwards.

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