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Plugged in

Second time on shrooms.

Second time on shrooms. Shoddy location - 10 Bedroom shell for a house. A solid 45 grams of kit grown cubensis. I'm prety spiritual towards the mushroom experience (and indeed rev. psycadelic weddings!) but my friends room - complete with neon blue wallpaper, metal filings and nails all over the floor; had to do on this occasion.

They took a while to kick in with very little to suggest the strength of trip to come. Almost 3 hours after munchies things suddenly went very strange. From playing counter-strike (badly, I admit) to serious external consiousness was only 20 mins or so!

At the start I began shaking a little and let someone else take over, sat back, and was feeling REALY heavy. I started staring at one spot (which always seems to work) 2 minutes later after seeing absolute madness happen to some guy on a fishing holiday I lost attention and looked around. The room was transformed, not into an egyption dream resort, no, it was a barbers. Hair on the floor and everything.

I felt my temporary departure coming on, rather than my consiousnes moving upward (as expected) my body infact seemed to move downward away from me... Not nice, but I went with it. I was still aware of being connected strongly but was able to distance physical and external feeling/sences. Being my second trip and never having tried meditaiton (as I do now) I was worried with it all and thaught I may be dead! My eyes are still open.

I considered re-connecting, focusing and moving my body to prove otherwise; but there didn't seem any fun in that so went with it. The room crumpled down and my body became lead weight, I wasnt aware it was possible to get so external without closing my eyes. I guessed they would be getting dry and closed my eyes, with that my consiousness was inside me. Sitting in a definate place inside my head, dreamlike but real. The Pineal gland is theorized to be our spirits entrance and exit point to the body.

I couldn't get out of it to exit my body at the time - probably not enough mushrooms! But was surprised how plugged in i felt, like energy was firing past and through me. I drifted back into my physical body quickly after.

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