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Place of the Dead (highly visual trip)

FORWARD As this is a rather long story I reccomend skipping the first two paragraphs if you have no interest in what i took, how much i took, when it set in, and how it was taken.

As this is a rather long story I reccomend skipping the first two paragraphs if you have no interest in what i took, how much i took, when it set in, and how it was taken. I, however, thought it was worthwhile to conclude but if you are only interested in the actuall "trip" then go down to the third paragraph not including thid one.

Alright so, me and my cousin who was born only two days after me were staying at his parents house and he had proccured an eigth of mexican cubensis. Pretty decent from the looks of it, it was equally caps and stems with no cake garbage from what i could tell, and good bluish tint all over. We had planned on getting more as each of us had tripped a couple times before on nothing less then an eighth to ourselves but our plans to find more had fallen through and I had to leave the next morning so we decided to split it and brew it after hearing that doing so could make more out of less in some sense. So my cousin snuck upstairs and filled a mug with his half of the eighth and water and microwaved it. Not wanting to run into either my aunt and uncle I decided to just fill it with tap water from the sink, it was hot enough so that it was steaming. We covered our mugs and waited around five minutes before getting antsy and cleaning out the mugs of all contents.

Now, we had planned to take our doses and stay at the house for an hour before taking the car to a park nearby. Neither of us expected to be hit with anything sooner. But 20 mins later while my cousin was going to the bathroom i started feeling loopy, wandering around the room, feeling sluggish and everything was bright. I immediately started pounding on the door of the bathroom for my cousin to come out as I knew that if we were going to drive anywhere we had to do it then. So my cousin came out, we went out to the car and already I could tell that we were in no state to drive. But as my cousin was driving and I had no idea if he was as far along as me I went along with it. This was around 10 P.M. so it was dark.

When we were about halfway to the park my cousin started freakin out saying with concern things like "I should NOT be driving right now!" "I've gotta pull over. There's no way." But as there was almost no place to pull over without drawing attention to ourselves we somehow made it to our destination where we stumbled out of the car into the parking lot which was awash in the light of orange street lamps which were intense to behold.

It had been about a half hour since we took them. From here on out, all sense of time was mostly forgotten.

We started to make towards the park which had trails winding through tall pine trees and knee high grass in places. But as there were no lights in the park aside from the almost full moon and stars we were a little sketch about venturing into the unknown so soon. Instead we walked back to the road and followed it debating where we should go.

Eventually we decided on visiting an all night supermarket, but when we got there we decided it was best not to go in because my cousin was thinking about getting a job there soon and didn't want to parade his currently questionable state of mind in front of the managers, employees, and customers. So we found a swing sofa out front and just sat there. I pulled out some fruit snacks to eat as my stomach had been twisting in on itself and I had thought i would vomit several times. And I just figured I would eat something to forget about it. But I found that while i was eating them I had almost no desire for them but finished the bag anyway before deciding to leave as I had the feeling everyone coming in and out of the store was watching us and judging us. Both me and my cousin had brought our ipods to listen to so we put those on. I had on Sigur Ros, but I kept constantly wanting to take the ear phones off to hear what was going on around me on our walk back to the park. The whole way we must have looked insane to passer byes as we couldn't stop stumbling around looking up at the sky and buildings rather then where we were going.

Finally we got back to the park and we had the courage to step in. Instead of taking the winding trail we stepped straight into the tall grass which was bathed in orange from the street lights and seemed almost cartoonish as it swayed back and forth, it was mesmerizing to say the least. Then I began to see dead bodies of people laying in the grass, all face up, it wasn't frightening though and I simply passed many of them on my way to the heart of the park. When we got deeper into the trees there was a clearing and a small white stone house, only the stones weren't stones I soon realized but were skeletons and people's anguished faces crying out without sound. I asked my cousin if he was seeing the same sort of thing and he said he was. Alot of the skeletons were bright neon colors and were twitching and writhing. We got close and stared at the wall for awhile. There were all sorts of white faces, none of them I recognized. Something inside me told me this was a place of the dead, but not to be afraid. We walked around to the other side and found that the house opened up on the other side and there was a fire still with blazing orange coals going inside. So we stepped in. and sat on a table inside and just looked at the fire trying to figure out if we were really seeing what we thought we were. Both me and my cousin saw it though and we got close to look. There seemed to be warmth coming from it but I wasn't sure. Everything else around us was dark though and I kept seeing mysterious shapes slinking around in the dark around the legs of the table and peering up around the edge at us. The more we sat there the more uncomforatable we got with the fact that there was a fire going in the middle of a strange house in the middle of a park in the middle of the night and we had no idea who started the fire as there was no "person" around us to be seen. So we walked outside of the house and decided we should distance ourselves from the place as whoever lit that fire may have run off when they saw us coming. We went further into the trees and layed down on the grass and looked up at the night sky. The stars started winking and I decided it would be a good time to put my headphones back on, so I did and layed down to watch the sky. My cousin kept getting up at times as he still was very sketch about the fire we had seen and kept asking me "Was that fire really there?" over and over every few minutes before I finally got him to calm down and we layed back in the grass.

I closed my eyes and started having colorful visions of celestial beings and patterns dancing around to the music i was listening to and I remember wishing if only I could draw these sort of beatiful images on paper it would be grand artistry. They were incredibly vivid and lively.

Eventually we decided laying here was a bad idea as we were in the suburb of a big city and we didnt want to be mugged at a time like this so we headed back towards the car, passing the house of the dead, the fire still going, the dead still imprisoned in the walls trying to get out but remaining tangled, untill we made it back up to the car. We knew there was no way we could drive so we sat in the car and listened to music. I kept trying to change the song on my ipod but i just kept scrolling and scrolling through the list not being able to find what i was looking for and often forgetting, and the list seemed to have no end, granted there is alot on there, but it just kept going and going till it was a blur. Pretty soon I found I couldnt even use my hands as they almost seemed as useless as a pound of boney flesh attached to my arms, they just hung there, lifeless, and didnt do what i wanted them to do. As annoying as it was to not have use of my hands I found the whole ordeal to be rather silly and swung them around like play things.

Pretty soon my cousin started freaking out about the huge bush in front of the car, saying it was trying to swallow us up. So he put his hand in his pocket and pulled out the keys and tryed to stick them in the ignition so I promptly somehow regained use of my hands and snatched them from him and refused to let him drive untill we came down, which didn't seem to be something that would happen anytime soon. Finally after realizing i would not hand over the keys he expressed the serious need to get out of the car. So we did and went and sat on the hood. It was somewhat chilly sitting there, everything seemed uncomforatable and I did not like seeing my cousin like this. But I was adament about us not driving.

Eventually though, two cars pulled up behind us in an otherwise empty parking lot and some people got out. Unsure of what they were planning I looked my cousin in the eyes and said "You think you can do it? You think you can drive us back?" to which he replied "yes".

So we got back in the car and began driving back to his house. All the way I was seeing crazy visuals and things with doubley long arms dancing across the road in the distance and the whole road seemed warped and everything seemed to be shrinking and compressing the farther we drove along and I began to worry that if I was feeling this way, my cousin, who was driving, was probably to. Somehow we made it back to his driveway, which was on the downside of a hill, the driveway at a steep angle down to the house and so for a moment I thought my cousin was taking us off a cliff.

Amazingly we made it down the driveway to the house and saw that the lights were on and knew everyone was still probably awake and so we decided against going in through the front door. Instead we took the steep path around the house which was dark and surrounded by all sorts of unknown shapes and we had to feel our way around and everything felt organic and alive as if we were traveling down into the belly of a beast.

At last we found the gate to the back yard and eventually opened the back door into the downstairs den where we saw one of my younger cousins still up playing a video game. My cousin, the one tripping with me, desperately tried to act normal as we passed his little brother and said something like, "You're so stupid Ben." Which made me start uncontrollably laughing and I quickly ran into my cousin's room before I drew too much attention. In there we both layed on the beds and listened to Dark Side Of the Moon, and I saw the songs come to life around me in the air and it was nothing short of mindblowing: travelling through vortex tunnels and through the universe, passing wonderland like rooms with non-human things at work doing abstract things such as regulating time flow with their tools and instruments or creating celestial bodies in their workshops.

I managed to snap out of it after awhile and stuck my head behind the curtains to see outside. Something out there held my interest and I had the urge to go out there and explore but sadly i didn't. As with previous times I started to feel unnaturally hot all over and tried shedding my hooded sweatshirt but It just felt too soft and somewhat melded with my body and i felt like some sort of rad hooded figure with my long hair covering my face and I just felt, well, rad, like some sort of badass anime character.

I went over to the computer thinking I might be coming down because I was getting internally hot all over and that had been a previous sign of coming down. But the computer screen, the background being a picture of a field and sky was not normal. The sky kept changing colors. I went over to my cousin to ask if he wanted to smoke some green but he was worried about an upcoming drug test he might have to take to get a new job so we didn't.

I walked over to the bathroom and looked in the mirror to see my face was melting and morphing and mouthing things back to me and so I stared at it for quite awhile before the famous picture of dogs playing poker caught my eye over near the shower and I stared at it and saw that the smoke from their cigars was moving and the cards kept changing and i swear I saw their eyes move.

After this I felt everything for the most part was back to normal so I layed down in my sleeping bag on the sofa and the two young cats in the house came down and layed on my stomach and legs and I felt content that these usually shy, free-thinking creatures had decided to curl up with me and I eventually fell asleep.

I felt absolutely great the next morning. We never got the chance to go back to the park in the morning to see if that place of the dead we had seen really existed deep in that park. I'd like to go back one of these days and check.

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