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Picking Shrooms

This was my first time actually out picking mushrooms.

This was my first time actually out picking mushrooms. I actually found and picked them myself. Oh God was it a rush. When i was about to eat them i thought maybe they will taste godly or maybe even good. Nope they tasted stairght like shit. They were fucking nasty. Here i thought the freshly picked cleaned and washed Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms were going to taste good. Nope they were shitty. But it almost hit me instantly that feeling, Oh God, that feeling. it was great. I talked to people , friends, and i talked , strangers, i talked more , relatives, talking wasnt enough for me. I had to swim! SO a swam. it was about 230 am and i was swimming. I felt great! I must have swam for a hour or so. But i swore i went stairght to heaven. I couldnt hold my breathe long enough to stay under water. Watch the bubbles coming from my mouth go up towards heaven. I was amazed by the lights bouncing around in the pool. I thought crystall clear the whole time. I was so fucking happy. Four mushrooms and i was in heaven. It was absolutely heaven on earth. I couldnt believe the things i saw. I saw the pool transform into a huge mushroom holding water. And i was swimming in it. The ladder out of it was two broken mushrooms hanging in the water to help me out. How nice was that? I saw mushrooms everywhere. I have never seen so many beautiful mushrooms in my life. I swear i was in heaven and then i was ripped out. I am in withdrawl right now. I didnt want to come down. I was in pure heaven but i had to go. I didnt take enough mushrooms. Next time it will be Eight freshly picked Psilocybe cubensis, right?

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