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Phish at coventry(last show)

Ill make this short.

Ill make this short.......sort of

I drove from chicago to vermont with these girls I met at college that turned out to be completely insane. The vibe at this show seemed so varied that it almost made me uncomfortable.
It was unlike any phish show I have ever been to, lots of people crying after gordon came on the radio and told people to basically go home(women and children crying).
I met some amazing people while tripping(great elongated conversations), loosing my wallet and trying to make it to a friends wedding in time after the show etc etc etc.....I got my wallet set to me in chicago with 20 dollars and my ID left in it with a note that said "only in coventry". Those Coventry folks were so cool and accomodating.
It was also the first time I ever used psychedelics at a show(too much).

Then there was the girl who asked me to watch her bag when going into the beer tent because I didnt drink and wanted to see the last part of the first set/second show/tripping VERY hard.

Well, she stayed in the beer tent talking to some asshole the whole time and left me outside to watch her bag(I had the privilage of meeting this drunken fool later which is a story by its self ).
I watched her bag for almost an hour in an undesirable location(near the restrooms if you could call that shit heap a rest room), and thankfully part of that hour was intermission(i met some great folks that I couldnt have had such great conversations with otherwise, it was perfect really).

I could have went in a got her, but I was tripping, didnt really want to be around her, and just for fun, wanted to know how long she was willing to leave me waiting for her.
Long story short, much like this post, her bright pink bag was pissed on but not directly the first time, just residual spray, I just gave this guy a really dirty look and shook my head as he pissed on the fence that separated him from the actual restrooms. I slid down the fence. 10 min later another guy came and pissed right on her bag, needless to say I chewed him out, but was not asking for a fight so I just let him know how pathetic he looked at that moment when pissing on a bright pink girls backpack. I slid up the fence two more times, and I swear to you her bag was pissed on 2 more times. My mind was blown.

I laughed, she had to throw away her coat because it was soaked in piss. What goes around comes around.
The "you shit on me I shit on you" mentality seemed very funny to me at the time even though I watched her bag closely and never actually "shat" on it my self.

The show blew my mind. The last things I remember from the actual show(concert area) was kids standing in horse piss smoking pot and eating ice cream(we warned them)., and one last vivid memory from the show was a big burly guy who after the last set was stumbling around crying. He was saying "trey killed phish" to him self. We led him back to him camp site and calmed him down a bit. That was very sad.

So ya, lots and lots of ups for me, and a few downs. I cant say the same for the girls I went with. That side of the story is rather pathetic.

The first show was all mescaline cacti cooked up at our camp site. The second night was mescaline, lsd, mushrooms and 2c-i. I had to take a long walk to get over the many come ups spaced so close together. I had seen so many great phish shows that I figured I would go out with a bang(and that I did). All the drugs were free during my coventry experience(all but the weed).........

I felt everything was connected from the moment I took mescaline the first night. The second night was so incredible and so good that I thought I could have possibly gone crazy from the intensity. Synchronicity, order and color just enveloped me.

So ya this was sort of a trip report, but more a concert report I wrote at some phish site.

Hope those who wanted to be there enjoyed this trip report, as it is heavy on the vibe of the show, and has little info about my actual trip.

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