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I was at a friends house with 5 or 6 other people who were shrooming.

I was at a friends house with 5 or 6 other people who were shrooming. His house is huge and is decorated with expensive antiques and scary-looking paintings. After about a half hour my hands were sweating and I knew it was starting to hit me. Before I knew I was sitting by myself,in his living room surrounded by these paintings that seemed to be of those ugly twins in the movie,"The Shining." The paintings were vibrating, and the facial expressions would change from time to time. The completely lost all sense of reality, and the only connection I had with the others was hearing their endless laughter. I must have been staring at the paintings for hours before my friend told me to get out of the trippy room.During the peak of my trip, I remember feeling really smart and wisdomful. I felt like I could answer any given question. I would stare at the walls and count the dots. I wanted to analyze anything I got my hands on. I feltlike I had the answers to everything.

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