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penises everywhere

it was all of our fist time with mushrooms (me, my wife and her brother).

it was all of our fist time with mushrooms (me, my wife and her brother). we took them about 6 pm and we decided to try them. at first nothing seemed like it was happening. so when then we decided to put the wall, and dark side of the moon by pink floyd in the cd player. everything still seemed pretty normal. then all of the sudden i looked up at this gratefull dead poster and it was the coolest thing the little bears were doing this cool dance (although i was the only one who could see it!!) next we decided to watch tv. it was like pbs or the discovery channel. all of the sudden all three of us started freaking out,(i dont what the hell we were watching) but every image on the tv screen were penises!!!! it was the freakiest/funniest thing ive ever seen b/c it coincided with that song from dark side of the moon eclipse (all that touch, all that you see etc...)..then we decided cartoons would be cool to watch so we turnned on cartoon network....that didnt last too long b/c all of us decided it was too intense. then we kinda chilled for a while. it was kinda freaky b/c the whole trip lasted like 7 hours...ok maybe not b/c time did seem kinda f-upped and distorted...i also remember going to work the next and still felling really weird like what the hell just happened to me!

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