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Pen and Paper

Tripped September 14th Written September 17th By: Nathan I previously ate 4 grams of shrooms about two weeks ago and wanted to up the dose to 6 grams for a more intense trip , I did it at my house with two of my friends, Brian and Jay.

Tripped September 14th
Written September 17th
By: Nathan

I previously ate 4 grams of shrooms about two weeks ago and wanted to up the dose to 6 grams for a more intense trip , I did it at my house with two of my friends, Brian and Jay. I was playing videogames and Brian and Jay ate their six grams. I waited till the race was over then filled my mouth and started munching. I kept on playing for about an hour and the colours in the game started to get brighter and the music more and more appealing. We decided to go to the store because Brian wanted to buy something to eat , so we went and Brian bought a chocolate bar and we walked back to my house, we sat around eating cheesies for a bit and I told them I wanted to go swimming.

Me and Jay went into the backyard while Brian stayed inside the house, The water was very cold but me and Jay couldn't feel it becuase our bodies were numb , first I went in the pool and told Jay it was relitively easy to swim so he also came in , swmmming was amazing because I felt like I was flying and that there was nothing underneath me , we both got out of the pool and started jumping in over and over again, I could feel my body twitching and teeth chattering so I though it would be best to get out of the pool, we both dove in swam to the other side, grabbed our stuff and went back in the house. Brian was sitting down and told us he felt like he was going to be sick. I was worried so I talked to him and he felt better. Brian and Jay were listening to music and I felt like I needed a walk so I left by myself to walk around the block , my small street seemed amazingly long, I walked and walked and the farther I got away from my house the more scared I got , I didn't want to talk to anyone at this time and it worried me that someone was going to approach me so I turned around and went back home, I then went to the basement and turned out all the lights and blasted some techno music. I couldn't see a thing and had no idea how many people were in the room with me. I dont know how long this lasted but it felt like forever. The only thing I could see was the orange glow from the digital clock.

I went on my computer and played through a bit of donkey kong and then took some paper and a pen and started drawing.

It was pitchblack but I knew exactly what I was drawing, I drew eyes with blood dripping down the sides, . I drew a group of children trapped in the forest, I drew a celebration , where half the people were celebrating around a huge fire and the rest were dead and butchered among them. I drew a man made of wood which I think resembled me, I starting listing all the facts why death is perfection, "no worries" , "no state of health" "no fear of death because your already dead" I thought if I kept writing like this that I would want to commit suicide so I stopped and went up stairs.

Brian and Jay were in my room playing cards. I sat there and looked up and the blowing blinds in my room, I suddenly felt like I wasn't even living anymore and I could not move my body no matter how hard I tried, My body felt like it was stuck to the floor and I couldn't move a single muscle. I started thinking about how I fit perfectly in life, that I was a perfect person, how if I died I would still be remembered no matter how sucessful or unsucessful I became. I thought of friends at school and how life only gets worse as time goes on. All these revelations were very depressing and I told myself I would never do shrooms again because normal people should not think of these crazy ideas , I realized why shrooms were ilegal, and that if they were legal society would
be chaos. I felt like the only way to fix all this was death, but I knew I was just tripping and wasn't about to kill myself.

I walked downstairs and put Fantasia into my VCR, this movie was just as good as it was bad, we were critisizing it as much as we were praising it, but I will say I will never watch this again.

I woke up the next morning feeling fine, but realizing that on six grams , it is more a mental thing than a hallucingenic

thing, I thought more than I had hallucinated the night before and dont think I 'll do six grams for a good while.

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