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party in the couch

So at about 10:40 pm me and my friend decided to down some boomheads.

So at about 10:40 pm me and my friend decided to down some boomheads. We had about 4 g's but my friend didnt want to really flip that night so i took 3 g's and he took 1. We were playing GTA:SA and i started to feel my body become ever more weightless in a pulsating feeling. The game became hilaroiusly funny and outrageous and within 20 mins of taking the shrooms i was laughing harder than i have ever laughed in my life. I went out to smoke a cig and i noticed the bushes and plants surrounding me were growing right before my very eyes. This was histerically funny as well. My porch light went from white to yellow to red to orange and everything began to run and melt. I went inside again and my friend was still playing the game but now he was part of the couch. The couch pulsated and breathed to the music of the game and i felt pumped with happiness and adrenaline. Naturally, i tried to catch the couch off gaurd and dive into it because i believed there had to be something poppin going in there. Unfortunatly i couldnt get into the couch. I noticed the carpet began to grow and sway with the music. I noticed geometric patterns made of multiple colors dripping down the walls. I laughed nonstop throughout most of the experience. At one point my friend told me to look at my palm. For some reason this was hilarious as well. It was so funny that a multicolored outline of a face appeared on my palm and laughed with me. The only part of my trip that i didnt enjoy at first was when my tv began dripping onto my carpet. I realized this wasnt really happening though. I had great difficulty falling asleep. I laid down at 3:45 am and finally dozed off around 5
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