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PaRaDiSe ~to~ EviL

Ok, a little about myself.

Ok, a little about myself.. I'm a 15 yr old pothead living in PA in the USA. Im not really into drugz although in the coming years i see more and more experiments happening. This is my first time tripping on anything,.. ever and it was quite intense.

It was before a football game and me and 2 of my best friends were trying to find a dizzy b4 the game ..i had a blunt of some reg and like 2 bowls of some chronic. Well my boy Jay came up and was like "got any money" and I asked what for and he told me "Shrooms". and i went bizerk. I have been wanting to try shrooms forever, but they were never around.

So i told him yeah and my friends agreed. we collected $90 all together at the football game and after we got two 8th's of good shroomage for $80. we busted them out into four equal doses and said "bottoms up" (god damn do they taste like shit).

We drank some water to wash the taste down and went outside to smoke our last bowl of chronic. we went over to the neighbor drug dealer and bought a dime w/ our $10. we went in to roll up the blunt and i was feeling real, real stoned.. like i smoked like 7-8 blunts it was strange for only smoking 1 bowl.

I just let it flow.. while Jay was rollin the blunt i looked over at the clock and the hands on the clock started moving...like swirling around and wiggling and shit like that ..i started laughin my ass off.

Jay was the experienced tripper and he told us we couldn't be around people so i took his word for it and we ventured down to the softball fields. we all were standing in the middle of the junior league softball field and everything took on new meaning.

Everything had a new era.. i felt inlightened. the wind started to pick up and i felt the breeze all over my body and it made me feel warm and happy i started giggling and looked at the moon...The moon was a trip itself... the clouds would make a tunnel to the light...then i would look down and pick my head back up and the clouds would disapear.

We smoked our blunt. After that it was like a complete paradise....everything was so perfect. the colors, the sound the way things looked and smelt and the way i was feeling..nothing is comparable to that feeling to this day.

We figured out how to turn the water on in the dugout and we were rejoiced...you never saw 4 muthafuckers as happy as we were. everytime i drank water and it touched me...i felt like i was melting and i liked it...i drank it and started to trip harder. I started to feel a little sick so i stopped drinking it.

We ventured to the other softball feild and it felt like i walked 4000 miles when really it was like 10 feet or so. When i was in the sand it felt like it was an endless desert and i didn't like the feeling of emptiness so i went to the grass and sat down.

My visual effects increased unbeleiveabley it made me lay down and stare at the sky.. i saw rainbow lighting bolts come crashing into the ground next to me and i felt safe and invincible ..we decided we were thirsty again so we ventured back to the water.

We walked onto the other softball feild and the football players practice on it so there are lines all over the feild. The lines were all wavy and the field wasn't flat...it was a bunch of steep hills. I was pissed.

i looked up at the sky again and saw a huge butterfly formed by the clouds...then it turned evil. I heard a shreak, like off of a scary movie, and the eyes of the butterfly turned red and great teeth appeared and it started flying towards us at great speeds leaving tracers everywhere.

we decided to go to the woods although i was freakin out already. we walked up to it and i felt this strange sense of evil.. like i could detect the devil or something. It felt like it was coming from the left. I looked and if you ever saw the insane clown posse clown (the black & white one with the long fingernails and the long face) then you'll know what my boy Jay looked like.

It scared the fucking shit out of me. He seemed to be the root of all evil.. like everything bad in the world came from him. I felt depressed. I started to wonder wheter i was going to come back or not. But then i shook it off and things started to get better. it was all in my head..

It was about 2 am so we figured it was safe to head back up to the projects to jay's crib. we sat in his cramped up room w/ the blacklight on and tripped ballz...

His posters spun around and the music took me into a daze sound waves were coming off of everything. I liked it. then his grandma came in a busted up our party...she appeared to be a fire-breathing dragon and it freaked the shit out of me. she kicked us out and we went to Jay's uncle's house.

In his house it was nice and cool with fans blowing and it felt like paradise again. Then jay thought he was dieing and wouldn't get off of the couch. He told us to call 911 but we figured if we could get him outside he would be fine. so us 3 got him outside and he said he was aight.

We wnet back to jay's house still trippin and 1 of my friends went outside. I went out like 5 mins later to smoke a cigarette and he was gone. he disapeared. i couldn't figured out what the fuck happend. me and my other friend went to look for him. We thought some abnormal forces pulled him back to the softball fields or some shit

we start heading down there and he comes up behind us..covered in sweat... he said "i just puked... i think im dieing." ...he was panting and said he couldn't breath.. he was really bad. i didn't like being outside no more so i went in and my other friend went outside with him.

I was looking at myself in the mirror and my pupils were like puddles of black water. My face started swirling around in the mirror..then it looked like someone was throwing stones into my pupils and they were rippling ...then my whole face started rippling..it was nutz.

after that i started to come down. it was the shittiest feeling in the world.

I can't wait to trip agian...im just waiting for some cash to come my way. :)

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