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First Time Shroom'n

Just wanted to tell you about my first experience with shrooms.

Just wanted to tell you about my first experience with shrooms. I was with my friend Brian, he had done them before and had aquired some from a friend of his. After we ate them, and washed them down with some apple juice, we went for a long walk. It was a very warm night, with a light coating of snow on the ground. We found a playground and a large field where we watched the moonlight glissen off the grass, trees... well, everything. I had a very happy feeling, like everything was right and nothing at all could go wrong. We stopped at a store, bought some gum, and headed back to his house. It was kinda a bummer by the time we got there, as I thought it was all over after only 2 hours... was I wrong.

Inside was very warm, much warmer than it had been outside, and I was overwelmed by a feeling of euphoria. My body felt warm, relaxed, very VERY relaxed. This was about the time my friend decided to call his girlfriend.

We couldn't help it, but about 5 minutes into his conversation with her, we both started laughing hystaricly! We must have laughed for 20 minutes, maybe 30! We then decided to play Nintendo 64. It was like we were right there with mario, watching him stomp goombas and fly around. Then the visuals really kicked in!

The shadows on his wall were faces, and Brian's face was melting. I stared at him, and I was trying to figure out WHY it looked like he was melting, and why his posters were moving and pulsating. Finally I just went with it, didn't care why. I just enjoyed it.

That's when the most intense thing happened. My friend and I seemed to both be using the same brain, as if our minds were connected and we could think the same things. We figured out this:if I pinched myself, it felt painful to me, but when he pinched himself, it was painful but maybe it felt different to him than it felt to me. I could never feel exactly what he felt, nor could he feel exactly what I felt. We could both feel 2 completly different things, but we'd both call it pain.

Anyways, after maybe 1/2 hour, I started coming down, so we smoked a little, and fell asleep watching TV.

All I can say about it is I can't wait to try it again!

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