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palenque deep revelation

Hey there mycophiles and all adventurous folks!

Hey there mycophiles and all adventurous folks!! it's me TAJ from canada, the "hongero sincero" of Palenque....i've been going there since 1974 and delightfully been gifted (regalos de Dios!) in the fields everytime! I go out at 5:00 a.m. as the howlermonkeys are singing in a sacred frame of mind totally THANKFULL!! and walk many miles in awe of the beauty of the rolling campos with the cows and birds and lush,funky fragrances. By 6:30,when the Sun has risen enough to see clearly, i find myself in my Holy field on my knees praising Jah/Tao/Godforce for this sweet new day to be FREE to seek out my Psylcybe Idren and then i go hunting and the shrooms KNOW that i'm there and they play games with me ,hiding and then peeking out when i have gone past them and winking saying" come here and pick me, and take me to the RUINS please....i have no legs and i shall enlighten you as to your earthly path" so i humbly embrace them and take them up. WOOWEE thankyou!! so i amble around for an hour or so, finding 100's of beautys mostly Cubensis but some copelandia psyanescens and "paharitos"(little birds) too.....la de dah so forward i return down the famous shroom road then i have to carefully sneak over the river and past the guards near the museum cause they will stop any freaky lookin' foreigner and take yer shrooms and demand a bribe!!! but i know the secret way and i pass them unseen and head home to my palapa to relax and shower and show my bountiful gifts to my friends.....ahhh, such gifts of God!! then we share these wise Idren amongst ourselves and any newbies who ask respectfully. I like to eat some raw(especially the "bullets", the fat tight new ones) and cook the rest a la Mayabel - sauted with onion, garlic and chilis ...ooow YUM!! we eat together in a sacred manner and then head off through the jungle to the waterfalls and ruins. Used to be free day on Sunday at the ruins , we called it "Super Sunday" and msot of the camper/backpackers would be trippin' big time up at the ruins park!! so we're trekking thru the Jungle! with monkeys swinging over our heads and the shrooms tickling and zooning THRU our heads, holey Bejezus!! a massive high it IS!! i am the guide as i have tripped thru this jungle 1,000's of times.....we are soaring majestic as we reach the Queen's Bath area and go in for a swim...oow Yeah!!laughing and googling and totally IN LOVE with all Creation , we boys and girls all naked and STOKED beyond words!!! i feel the Spirits of the Mayans who lived here in the day and they communicate with me and tickle me....Yes INDEED!!..our sweat is gone , so refreshed and deeply psychedelicized we tread UP to the ruins area to seee all the tourist folks and our tripped out friends enjoying the awesome temples and green grass and humid, sticky HOT SOL .....OH Yeah!! i am hallucinating and soaring past language, i've got to ly down periodically as it just Washes over me and licks me OUT to that Eternalspace from whence we come....past this sensual world and past the thought world.....to HOME!! that deep Beyondspace ......Heyoka!! NAMASTE!! HalleluJAH!! deep yawns as i return to find my dear friends sitting beside me touching and cooing and laughing ...OH man!! this IS Heaven! we GROOVE about holding hands and the miserable guards SCOWL at us and try to catch us smoking speefs-Ha HA Ha!! to no avail as we know to go hide in the jungle for our sacramental herb stokin'!! this goes on for aeons/millenia it seems (only 3 hours in Real?time!!) and we slide homeward to delight in drinks of cold beer and the smiles and laughter of our Idren who have returned also with amazing stories of JOY and Insight and REVELATION!!!!! INdeed!! and the trip goes on for me for at least 8-12 hours as i have a truly deep symbiosis with these fungal friends and ,also, i did the sacred hunting so they give me extra gifts every time!!! Praise and Thanks!! on we trip with the human condition in all it's Glory and Decrepitness displayed right our front....some people go on BAD trips as they have no respect or purpose and these i help yet some jsut go beyond and they need their WAKEUP call , they NEED to get Slapped heavliy so next time they might go into the trip with sacred respect. Off to Palenque town for goodies and food and just to TRIP out amongst the locals, my posse of sweet children just Glowing and Shining pure LOVE and GLEE!!....they get off on this the nice townies only a few scowl like the pissed off guards....oh yeah about the dosage, it all really depends on mind/body chemistry...everyone is different and i know some folks who need only 1 shroom to blast off and others who need 25!! (usually if they're German they need lots more !?why?) i take either 7 or 13 bullets and fatties and get the intense liftoff every time and i take them almost every day!!! and i feel no tolerance , no need to take more....they just LOVE me and want me to partake of their Godly flesh (Teonanactl) I was there last year (2005) and the changes are sad...no more free Sunday, the waterfalls are being controlled by "guards", cops are hassling any young foreign people walking along the shroom road, the campground owners(esp.El Panchan!!) are gone on cocaine and GREED, and the vibe is UGLY.....Yes, to my chagrin it is this way as i picked and tripped and witnessed so much human crappy behavior. Anyway , i am forever Grateful for the lessons and revelations that were gifted to this silly,wise,humble humanbean and hope that you will have the chance to dive deep into your sacred well of Bliss via the Psylocybin Idren.................hongero sincero TAJ
................ zuvuyataj@yhaoo.com - welcome to chat!!!
Namaste In Lakech Jah Guidance

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