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PaintMush/Zen Temple

Well it all started when i went over to my friends house.

Well it all started when i went over to my friends house...we will call him Jay. Well when i got there we chilled for a little bit, then we decided we wanted to smoke up, but we were goin paintballing, i figured id kill 2 birds with 1 stone, and buy the bud from one of the guys we were playing with. Well once we got in the car, he proclaimed he was the king of his castle, i that point i asked him what he was on. Then he pulled out a bag of shrooms. Having always wanted to try shrooms, i asked if he was selling it ( he normally only sell bud ) he said that hed think about it, then quickly agreed.
So now me and my friend stared at the shrooms, practicly forgetting about the bag of pot sitting next to us, we were so anxious to eat em'. We started examining them and eating them wile in the car, i have always heard about how its supposed to taste like shit, but ta tell the truth, i really didnt mind it, my friend sure did though. He spit it right out and then started chewing again.
Well we got to were we were playing, and i got out of the car and started walking, once the game started, i could feel the shrooms kick in, i started feeling like i was stoned, like i just smoked up. But after a little bit, it really started to kick in, i had to sit down cause there were red flickering dots filling up the air. then i was suddenly in a chinese type temple, and there was a buffet table of drugs in a circle, and i was in the middle. I sat there like stone, i diddnt move a molicule. It was at that moment i came to the point that, being shot with a paintball...was the least of my worries, and that the warrior never runs from a challenge. So i got up, and realized i was in a movie, i could see all the black silloetts of the people watching me. So i started yelling my war call as i sprinted through the trees like a snake.
My friends resonded to thins just the way i thought they would, they came to me, fired a few shots of in the air to see if i would shoot back. It was almost like they all surrounded me, in a circle, then i say the ground puch up and for a bunch of hills around me, i screamed '' my techtonics, my techtonics!'' then i saw an army of paintball chinese soiders rush over the hills twords me, i yelled my battle cry once more and kept shooting at everything. I was obiously missing an awfull lot cause i could feel my enemys paintballs bounce off me, leaving ripples on my body, that slowly advanced to my gun. I eventually realized that i had no more paintballs left. I was extremely saddend by this fact, so i crawled up and a ball and cryed, but what was weird was that it sounded like i was ''fake'' crying, like a toddler will do to get something, thats wen i realized i wanted to be left alone, not by people, but from all the damn ants that were crawling on me. i got up and ran twords the sound of cars, but they were coming from everywere. so i said i was just goin to tough it out and lay with the ants. I fell asleep, and was awakend by paintballs splattering on my head, i felt like they were real bullets, and that i had just been shot, but i wasnt scared, i was happy, i let a mammoth grin slide across my face. I thought i died, but i guess i just went to sleep. But i woke up in my friends room, i guess they picked me up and brought me home, cause i couldnt have walked, it was a 3 hour drive. My friends said i woke up after but i dont remember that. Then we went out side sat under a tree, smoked a spliff, and a cigarette, and talked about our first time tripping

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