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Over the Fence

About a week ago, one of my best friends called me asking if i wonted to do mushrooms with him.

About a week ago, one of my best friends called me asking if i wonted to do mushrooms with him. It would be his first trip and my 10th. Well I gladly agreed and prepaired to spend the night over his house on the weekend. I get there about 6 O' clock pm and we smoke grade A marijuana untill sunset. With both empty stomachs we proceeded to rampage threw the bag as if munchys. Small, Brown, Dried. He had split the bag into two leaving about 4-5 grams for each. We finished the bag and decided one more joint to gaurentee a nice trip. So, I rowl the doobie and return to his backyard. after smoking, he and I went to his basment and watched Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas ( Crazy movie) Trying to get us in the mood but after the movie my high had simmered to a buzz and I was annoyed because usually id be mushroom'd-up after about a half an hour. In desperation I garentee my friend a good trip and return out back of his house to smoke yet again. We past the pipe back and forth for what seemed like a half an hour ( in reality 6 minutes) and then suddenly. After being calm and cool for all that time. I get the urge to try and hop my buddys fence ( Over my head so im geussing 7 feet). So thats exactly what I do. Right in the middle of a packed bowl I take off running from his deck full speed at a 7 foot tall wooden fence not expecting anything. I just remember it coming at me alot quicker then I thought it would be. And suddenly ......

I push myself to run quicker for some reason and just before im about to hit the fence face first, I push off the ground sending me higher than anytime i have attempted jumping EVER. I feel as if im going to clear it. A 7 foot tall fence. I can see it, sense im going to pick my feet up over top the wooden wall!!!!

Sadly somthing happens and it like a small child had jokingly hit my knees with a metal baseball bat and my lower legs are completely abused as I am sent flipping threw the air like a rag doll. Suddenly I smack the ground with such force that from far away people still moan "ooowwwwwwwwww".But it was only grass, wet.... slippery, but grass none the less.I shake my head and look around. Its the same, but different. Avibe in the air. Like when the sunsets on Holloween. It just feels good. The impact must have propelled me into the Sercret world. "Hey-........whats happened." A voice murmers as if someone screaming within a box of drywall.

This, for reasons unknown, scare me, and before my friend has the chance to unlock the gate or evan peek threw a crack-BOOM. running full speed again.

run. run. run. Down bissy streets, jog threw alleys, hop fences and sneak threw backyards. Hop onto the other side and BOOM- im gone again running full speed. I, our of breath, gasp for air as I jog down slippery slops.BAM, I slip and close my eyesw as i fall down a hill. I get to the bottom and jump to my feet and BAM fullspeed. I finialy get to the end. A wall of trees. forest. why had I run so far. Why did I run. Well one things for sure, my friend wont find me now.

Its like being lost in a secret world, on mushrooms. In some cases feeling as if you had found a secret level in your favorite video game you have bin playing for years. You giggle not because the level is fuckn AMAZING, but becuase you are so stupid to have passed it in the adventure.But in some, such as this expirence, feels as if you are being pushed threw an alien zoo. You can hear the strange sounds, but you only get a glimpse of the wild life.

Anyway, Around this time I really start to see shit.

My vision so warped I felt lost in my own neighborhood. I look around confused. I've never seen these houses before. The small houses bent and twisted toward me. The sky a bright pastel Red and Blue. And the strangest part is it didn't evan look dark out. It looked as if the houses were painted a dark blue. I peer closer and relize the shadows in the windows arn't shadows at all. They look like they had bin replaced with TVs.

I was losted. I tryed to look around but everytime I would see headlights I would run. ( paranoia from cops) Anyway I come to the conclusion I should hide in the woods. So im walking in the direction and come to find out its closed at this time of night. The forest just closes? Well I( shrug it off and walk down an alley that seemed like to take forever. At this time I feel little hands grabbing my legs....

....This is where SHIT GOS CRAZY!....

I get this feeling that someone or something is following me. WHATEVERS BEHIND ME IS BAD. I TAKE OFF RUNNING FULL SPEED IN THE OTHER DIRECTION. cutting corners and tripping over rocks as I look back to see if "ITs" still behind me.

The confusion has now turned to feer and the houses that are painted blue seem to moc me!!! I still trying to trick whatevers behind me, retreat to a nearby park. There I stare at peoples windows seeing nothing but re-runs on the screens of the television windows. Huh, a pretty bright purple glimmers threw the basement window of someone far away. I look in slowly ( the TV that is) trying to focus or make out what the fuck im looking at ( At this point, thinking back nothing made sense. And I thought it was completely natural to break into peoples back yards and watch them intently threw there window as they do laundry!) Some sort of Animal was inside there, I SAW THE SHADOWS!.

and suddenly, the lights go off. They must have went up stairs to return to there family i thought to myself. But right before I was about to leave 'IT' wonders back into the room to pick up something it forgot. WHATEVER I WAS LOOKING AT IT WASNT HUMAN!I hear a screech and relize they spoted me. I run full speed at the exit and before I leave I hear the basment door open. I look back and see 'IT' running after me! ITS REAL. Not only have i've seen the wild life. But Im now running from the beast inside the lost world.


Now the next part is a mixture of vivid memory of yesterday and being so disturbed I block it out type of shit!

So anyway, Im dashing acrossed untreked land, hearing the shouts of non-human vocal cords behind me when. CRASH, busted my ass. Face first. I try to recover but.... no. I scurry off to a bush and hide motionless just when...

I see 'IT' run by at speeds only a dog could reach, but this time I get to see it in the light. It looked like a cross breed of a over grown Sloth and Big foot, SCARY SHIT.

This expirence felt like the first time you explored Threed in the game EarthBound for SuperNintendo. If you've played it you know what im saying.

anyway i somehow make it home.... somehow.

And I remeber haveing the TV on animal planet. I, forgetting you can change the channel watch in horror. The mummbleing comeing from the tv was most def. not human. And as I got closer NO MATTER HOW HARD I TRYED I COULD NOT HEAR WTF THEY WERE SAYING.

skip ahead to bed time, I now thinking im sober, really still fucked.

I turn my fan on and duck under the covers. At first I hear whispering. Okay, I can just block it out and fall asleep. but then the sound of the fan changes into the sound of crashing waves and the whispers soon turn to laughter and the soundof my motionless bedroom is transformed into the soundtrack to the most alive beach.

I cant stand it, BIRDS CHIRPING,LIFE GAURDS SCREAMING, CHILDREN PLAYING, WAVES CRASHING.......IM FUCKNING FREAKING OUT MAN. I rip the blankets away only to see my blank, dark, cold room. I duck under my covers, nice and cozy!

cold.... warm from the blanket. Feeling great. and then. crashing waves. now very relaxing. complete bliss. I drift away and am awoken by my phone ringing.

My friends on the other line "Man, thats some bullshit, I got sick and threw up, i got the flu. I called it a night soon after you left man! I didnt feel shit."

I sat in silence.


"You ready to do it again next weekend?"

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