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outside is the best!

I have been a grower for about 5 years, started in California.

I have been a grower for about 5 years, started in California. Great places to go hike and play while tripping. I had just harvested my first batch and family came to stay from out of state and my best friend becca. We ate about 4 or 5 medium sized dried psilocybe shrooms apiece. Within 30 minutes we were feeling them. We drove about 15 minute to a place called Black mountain to hike up during our trip, it is a very short hike but nice, and close to home at the time. Our first problem we ran into was we lost our lighter and had no matches and were all smokers. So we made this rule that someone had to keep a cig lit at all times. On a normal day this hike would take maybe 45 minutes to an hour if that. It took us 2 and 1/2 hours to get up there because of all the breaks we had to take on the way up. There were 3 of us and one of us would see something, or swear we saw something so we would all have to go investigate to see if we really say it or not. My friend Becca say little people. She swore she saw them and to this day I mess with her about that. As we took one of our breaks we were sitting on this huge rock all three of us at the top of the mountain on the back sided where there is no actual trail, so we were sitting there and all of a sudden the shrubbery started to shake and a dog and some people came out of the bushes, freaked us out okay, there was no trail there. Morons must have lost the actual trail, or what we thought..... knew we were tripping hard and couldn't handle them messing with our heads like that. They just came outta no where! I remember laughing so hard at them not just for them being so stupid but the looks on our faces had to be priceless watching these people and their dog emerge from this mountain side.
I definately think outside is the best...
Another time some friends and I were tripping on my shrooms were went outside and the shy and stars were never more beautiful. And the tracers from the street lights were so long and beautiful.
I went to get some ice from my freezer at one point and when I opened it and stuck my hand in it went on forever and the ice buildup on the inside was growing so fast and filling up my freezer I quickly shut the door and called for my friend,Becca to check it out. Of course when she opened it she didn't see what I saw. But those are a few of mine I have more but thats enuf for now.

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