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A couple of years ago I was really into tripping.

A couple of years ago I was really into tripping. I had good access to excellent mushrooms. I ate mushrooms all the time, but never tripped so hard on such a small amount of dried material, as I did on New Year's Eve.

The night started out with my friends and I in my bedroom discussing the plans for the night. I told them I had some shrooms, but they weren't up to trippin'. So I asked my friend's cousin and her friend from Canada if they were up for it. They agreed, and I passed them out. About 2 grams each would be more than enough. Being the gentleman I am, I offered the caps and the more edible looking stems to them. I ate this fat, ugly looking stem, and no caps. I suppose it was one of those extra potent aborts. And we headed to the party.

By the time we reached the party, about 20 minutes later, I was well on my way to the other side. The colors were over the edge in brilliance, and I was starting to feel a little sick. I had never before felt sick from eating shrooms. I knew I was in for it when the effects just kept increasing. Soon I lost my ability to have a conversation for more than a couple of minutes, without the feeling that the other person was boring their thought into my brain. I kept using the excuse that I needed another beer to make the conversation short. I was definatly loosing my mind.
While walking through the house or anywhere by this time, I was avoiding all intellectual contact with people. When contact was made they immediately transformed there psyche into alien telepathic language that was beyond anything I had confronted. My resolution for this was to walk away, but when I did I didn't move, instead the environment moved passed me in a tunnel of beauty. My only salvation was to keep moving. My friends commented that I looked like I was really trippin'. Only if they were in my shoes could they ever imagine the situation.

Before the night ended and we were all going home, the tunnel journeys and the extreme break through of peoples E.S.P. started to subside. I will never forget that night, it was totally out of this world(if you know what I mean). I think that night prepared me for my evolving state of conciousness in the years to come, whenever I may encounter a superior intellect other than human. Be it mushroom intellect or alien, that is for you to decide. The trip was by far the most potent I have had. Good Luck!

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