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First time on shrooms OMFGZ.

Im 145 pounds, im a dude, and im 17.

Im 145 pounds, im a dude, and im 17.ok, it was like 10 pm, and me and my cousin, were chilling on the cpmuter bored out of our minds, so i asked him if he still had shrooms, he did, so we went downstairs, put the shrooms in a bowl, they were pretty mashed up, and we ate all of it, about 2 grams each, and we started watching family guy, he said it would take like 20 minutes to kick in, well after 2 episodes i wasnt feeling anything, so i was like wtf is this, so we decided to go upstairs on the computer some more, then after a while, while i was staring at the compjuter screen, it started to shake a little, and i could see pink and green octagons, everywhere, if i looked close, kinda like the blue red and yellow that make up color on your tv, so i was liek wtf, so i look over to my cousin, and when he moved he left a trail of colors, from where he moved, its like he had a visual echoe,and everything i looked at had the same effect, if i moved my eyes too fast or i looked around too fast, things would blur into one another until i focused hard enough, and when he turned on a lamp, i got pissed at him, cuz the light was unberiable, so i turned it off, and continued on the copmputer, then later i was RELE wired, its like 12 in the morning now, i kept fidgeting and rearanging myself on my chair over and over, i couldnt get comfortable, and i kept talking to these ppl on msn, and explaingin what i was seeing, then i decided that i should write down what i was seeing, and that story eventually turned into the captains logs, we were captains onboard a ship, and i had to write down everything or we would crash, so for like 2 hours were on msn typing and typing, about useless crap that didnt make ANY sence, i was laughing at everything, then everyone was asleep, so we decided to go for a long walk, so my cousin gets some food to eat cuz we were hungry, and an egg to throw, so we go outside, and i grab the box of food, which happened to be winnie the pooh fruit snax filled with glossetes and granola bars, then a few minutes later he throughs the egg in the air, and when it smacks the ground, it sounded like it made a giant boom, so i looked at it and screamed at the top of my lungs,

its about 1 am now, and i fall over laughing and screaming at what i had seen, everything was getting blurry and VERY colorful, and the street lights were rele bright. then as im lying on the ground i stare at the clouds, in the noght sky, and see the stars are moving around very fast and wierd patterns, like its playing with me, so i say hello, and ask what its doing, ,the stars tell me and my cousin that its name is pegasus,meanwhile the clouds around the star are moving back and forth toward me and then toawrd the star, so im tripping right the fuck out, so i get up, and decide to find some ppl to talk to, to i tell my cousin we HAVE to go this way, i was compelled to go this way, toward a road, i was going to stop a car and talk to the person inside the car, all the while im still holding the box of chocolate bars and glosettes in the wheenie the pooh box. but my cousins said we should go to max, so we starty walkign, we talk alot. and

then all of the sudden i have an apiphanea, (however u spell it), that i was the chosen one, the person that is able to see matter in a completely different way than everybody else, i was seeing the fabric of space through the colors, it was like matter soplitting apart with all the movements, then i kept on going on and on about it, and that the shadows were trying to get me becuz of what i could see, and that i wasnt supposed to being seeing this, this wasnt for my eyes, so we started to run, and we werent even have way, it seemed like we were walking FOREVER, the road wouldnt end, so we decided to go to the mall, the orignal plan, so we start walking back,then we started throwing the chocolate glosettes and granola bars all over the ground, and we see these rabbits so we start chasing them. by this time im winding down, yet were still laughing our asses off and being very loud, its about 3 am now, and all of the sudden this old lady comes out of her house, and says "what the fuck is the matter with you guys, you fucking looosers, dont u have a home?", in some crazy accent, so we decide, to head in. inside, all the lights are off and were sitting on my cousins floor, and the only lights are coming from this crazy stereo, and i think its my ship lights, so we keep flying in space.

eventually i became sober, and missed being stoned. and that it was the best time of my life, and in a way i was kinda depressed that i was getting back to sober life :(.

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