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Out of the frying pan and into the fire

First time I took magic shrooms was easily the best time ive ever had on them, the part I loved most was being outside on a street at night time and with a friend and we were like wow oh my god look at all this shit!

First time I took magic shrooms was easily the best time ive ever had on them, the part I loved most was
being outside on a street at night time and with a friend and we were like wow oh my god look at all this shit!!
It was a level 3 i reckon, this story is about the last trip i took though, a nasty level 4. A Nightmare it was...

IT was just one of those days where everything is a bit nuts, hooked up with a mate(D) to do some spray painting around town
and chill round some mates places, I picked up some hawaiians from a mate too but D backed out cause he said
too many times hes gotten way too fucked on acid, so anyway this leaves me with all the shrooms for myself.
So we head back to his place to get ready for the party later that night, was a 21st birthday.

Its about 3pm and we're at the flat, D says i could split them with someone later at the party but for some reason
I just scoffed the lot, all was fine we opened some beers, i started reading a graf mag while D went to speak with
his girl. So 15 mins later D's got the decks on and am starting to feel nervous, had i takin too much? The
intense feelings of what could be coming so early on was what caused the bad trip I think.

I go to sit down on some comfy seat and am like starting to really worry now, the visuals are intense but i cant make proper
conversation with D or his girl, getting paranoid. It gets worse so I start thinking about bailing, all i wanted was to be alone
in my flat in bed, the safest most familar place I could think of. I feel totally alone at this point, probably stemming
from the fact that I couldnt make coherent sense and they didnt make sense or look real. So I tell them I gotta
head, the trip is too intense, i'l be back in about 4-5 hours when the trip is controllable.

The walk back to my flat was amazing visually, i stop to get some orange juice as i heard that would ease the trip, I
started freaking out more.

Finally I get back to my house am get my bed out, I spend the next three hours rolling around in my bed, i cant get comfortable
and I feel like Im on a rollercoaster. I felt so scared for the next three hours worrying about everything and being scared of
everything in my room. My bed becomes the size of mountain ranges and i feel dwarfed in just a small fold of the douve
while getting bombarded with crazy thoughts, patterns of colours, intense feelings. Everything I think about to do with my
life scares the shit out of me. I feel like i could never get out of this nightmare and keep looking at the time which doesnt
seem to be going anywhere. The thought of being takin to hospital horrifies me. It was like i had lost control and was on
a rollercoaster. The shit I was seeing and feeling was crazy. I remeber getting several fone calls asking when i was coming
down to the party and if i was alright, ive no idea how much sense i made. My mobile phone was a strange thing to behold, I was
scared of it several times. It was like my head was getting hammered with sound, patterns and feelings. I so wanted to be able to
just relax.

Eventually I start to feel the shrooms loosening their grip, the good feelings come more and more and i can appreciate
some of the whirling patterns all over the place. I still get disorientated but I feel like I might be able to make it to
the party. I started playing wipeout which was mindblowing haha and looking at some posters that had infinite depth and crazy
futuristic patterns.

Half an hour before i leave to go to the party it starts getting really fucking good, I dont feel paranoid or worried about my
life, I just feel fucking relieved. I was in my flat for 5 hours I think. I phone up D and say sorry for bailing but am back to normal and
I'l be down soon.

THe walk back to D's house was great, it was raining slightly and it had got dark. Car lights and street lights combined with the mist
and light rain to amazing effect. When I get to D's the party is well in full swing, some guy is playing the maddest Dnb and
jungle I ever heard on the decks and the flat is full of people getting stoned and pissed. Great atmosphere, especially
while I was still slightly tripping!

Later we went to a club playing hiphop and i took some E's I was givin and smoked some fine weed. And so the night was great!!
I couldnt stop thinking about the trip though, maybe I was in such a good mood because I was so relieved I made it through intact.

For weeks after I convinced myself I wouldnt take mushrooms again, I've forgotten just how bad it was though as Ive just gotten
some more.Ive talked with some friends who have taking a lot of acid and it really helped to be able to talk to them about what its
liek to loose your mind on a trip. I would love to be able to take shrooms with the people i used to take them with
before the bad trip, it was always good vibes

Its about 3 months after now an this will be the first time Ive taken them since. Im now living almost a hundred miles
from the nearest city in the middle of nowhere. I leave next to a massive sandy beach with a great wilderness on my doorstep.
I've got noone to take them with out here but Im thinkin a lone camping trip out into some remote forest or maybe spend some time
down by the ocean on the sand. Or maybe Trip out in my room listening to music looking at art I like and trying to visualise.

Ive read alot of these trip reports so maybe I'l be better prepared this time. Apparently mushrooms grow in huge quantities round this
area, and apparently they'll be appearing in a few weeks!


sorry bout switching from past to present tense so much! And I hope I made sense...

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