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out of reality

The night was planned to be an unforgettable.

The night was planned to be an unforgettable. I set of with an eight of dank, mushrooms, and a sixer of tall boys. My destenation, San Francisco, to the beach i went with my two friends. I started of eating half of my mushrooms over the bay brige, while smoking numerious amounts of joints. Keep in mind i was the only one shrooming that night. My friend anthony was drug free and my other friend tommy was just smoking. When we reached the city i started feeling the first step of shrooming,the laughter, i never before felt such uncontrolable laughter. For no reason id start laughing in the car, then right before the trip turned over on me, we got lost in the city. My friend Anthony (the driver) started getting pissed at me because it was my idea to go to the city in the first place, and because we were lost the whole enviornment around me changed. From laughter to uncontrollable shrooming i then discovered i was shrooming to the peak. Anthony told me to ask some one for directons on how to get to the beach which was the destination of the trip. So I steped out of the car and asked a lady where the closest beach was. At that time she put her arm around me and asked If i was homeless. I felt like i was in a dream, and out of place, i looked around, and felt a different wourld. I could explain it. I started getting scared to shit, and was about to run, but where? Questions in my mind, was all i though about, I felt unbelivably unconfortable, the i said, ok, not knowing what the fuck she just told me, I headed for the car. Feeling lost in my own mind i Went back into the car and told my friend (Anthony)to head South. For some Coincidence I actually ran into the beach. Our destenation Compleate i though, stepiing out of the car i grabed the barbeque and followed my friends down the sandy beach. once one the beach i saw a police car, scared as shit i droped the barbaque (because barbaques are illegal on beaches in california) and all the beer fell out, where i kept it, and to an amaziment the cop didnt see... From there on i thought everyone was a fucken cop, the people partying in the beach looked like a fucken cop so did my friends. Finally i overcame this, by telling my self i was fucked in the head. In the beach i drank and smoked a blunt and swear to got i heard so many fucken voices in my head i though i was insane. I ended up going home in the morning but out of the whole trip the biggest differences between reallity and totally out of it was the enviornment, the lights, peoples personalitys and the lights, which were amazing beyond fucken belife......Yup

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