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Out of Body

So the first time I tried shrooms I was supposed to split them with my friend.

So the first time I tried shrooms I was supposed to split them with my friend. I had just gotten off the phone and it was about 3 AM. And I just thought: "Damn, I'm bored and can't sleep". Then I remembered I had shrooms so I took out the bag and began munching on them. When I looked down I realized I ate my whole 8th and my friend's share which made me a bit nervous because I have a very small body. But thought whatever. It's all good. I started cleaning up my room a bit thinking it would create a better setting for my trip.

I then got tired and passed out. I woke up a while later and everything was just chaos. I had totally forgotten I had ate a shit load of shrooms so I was freaking out. You know, not sure if I was dreaming or something. I had a stuffed unicorn on my bed that just kept staring at me. And I just got really mad at it because I felt like it was judging me. My dog had gotten into my room when I was sleeping and when I looked at her I could just picture her being a different animal everytime. I'd glance one second and she'd look like a cow. The next second she would seem more like a rabbit. Her fur looked real soft so I started to pet her. Then I was like SHIT. Her fur is so soft. So I was rubbing my face on her fur. She could tell something was wrong I guess and started barking at me. It was freaking me out, she started to look more and more like a wolf or something. So for future reference, dogs aren't so good to have around during trips.

I turned off the lights and laid down in my bed for some reason and stared at my ceiling. Everytime the air conditioner kicked on the curtains around my canopy would kind of flap in the wind, which convinced me that my bed was a helicopter or something like that. I could feel my peak coming on and I wasn't sure if my body was going to handle it. It was all really marvelous and terrifying at the same time. I felt like my Awakening was coming on but was too afraid to let it happen. Eventually I just sort of let go of reality with my mind and my soul was feeling very flighty. My mind wasn't attached to my body at all. It started to get dark so I opened my eyes.

I found myself in a strange position. I was sitting on the corner of the ceiling in my room! I was looking down at my own body and realized that the breathing in the body was very shallow. I started freaking out and closing my eyes. They stayed shut for a long time. I was sure I was dead and had a huge spiritual realization. Everything about my life seemed fake and I don't know. It was really strange. I finally opened my eyes after what seemed like hours. I saw that it was 5:30ish AM so I turned on my TV and tried everything I could do to make myself comfortable.

I then fell into a state of regression where I started behaving like a child in order to feel comfort. I turned on cartoons and laid in the fetal position. I kept putting my hands in my mouth and wouldn't take them out (When I finally took them out they were all wrinkly and shit, haha). The next moring I called out of work and called my friend to tell her I ate all her shrooms.

But I wouldn't take any of it back. It was a great experience. It opened my eyes to spirituality. Before the experience I believed in no god or supernatural powers. It made me think more about how precious life is. And it also showed me that you pay for it when you eat other people's drugs.

But the real question is, did the spiritual awareness change my habitual drug consumption?

Hell no. I tried Acid a week later.

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