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Orgasmic Experience

It all started off with a group of people asking me if i could pick mushrooms for the weekend, within the past couple of months they had become readily available and unlike usual we were not hard pressed to find them.

It all started off with a group of people asking me if i could pick mushrooms for the weekend, within the past couple of months they had become readily available and unlike usual we were not hard pressed to find them. Having done mushrooms many times before I decided to increase my usual dosage of 3-4 grams (dried) to 5.5g (dried). We dropped the mushrooms at my buddy Matt's apartment and soon left to go to a party to deliver the rest to the others. Within 30 minutes i could feel the effects kicking in strongly and was starting to become quite nauseous. I arrived at the party dispersed the shrooms and sat down at a picnic table with my head between my knees. I had experienced intensity on mushrooms before but not like this. I looked up at this huge tree and realised something wasn't right. The tree was bending towards me and each leaf contained my mouth with jagged teeth that seemed to want to consume me in a very primal fashion. The loud noise from the party was becoming way to intense and was beginning to make me edgy so i decided to leave. My 3 other tripping companions and another friend who was not high came with me. On my way out the party a brief accquaintance who i met earlier this night approached me and asked if i had any left i told him i had 4g and if he wanted it i'd sell it to him. He said sure and said we would have to take his car to the bank. This guy was scaring the shit out of me! He almost looked like a cross-breed between man and wolf and his cold demeanor had me on edge the entire time. Sure enough everything went fine and i soon met my friends at the park just outside of the elementary school where we began to trip really hard. We sat down on some agrigate concrete just outside of the doors, I was apprehensive about sitting down there considering this concrete had become a lake of fire! I felt truly like i was in hell, i saw the spirits of aztec warriors emerge from the doors , but they were all made of saran wrap! Sheena (who did not drop any) rolled up a joint and started to pass it around, i took one hoot and decided there was no point in smoking anymore, I felt this bitter disgust towards Marijuana because it was such a primitive drug , which offered no new insights or any sort of gain from it. We decided to leave the park and head to the church park (if you live in a small town hopefully you'll understand the park fetish). We sat down and i began staring at the trees. I turned my head to say something and i saw a brilliant flash of light, when i turned back to the trees they had become something new. The trees were now oriental dragons, with stomachs comprised of demons consuming demons. The demons as they were consumed sung a song of lament, their mistakes , their sins , their lives. At this point i experienced my first ever out of body experience. While my physical form lay on stretched out on the concrete my spirit advanced towards the dragons/demons. I pleaded with them, asked them to teach me and guide me, tell me what i must do to avoid such a monstrous end. They told me that if i could deattach myself from wants and needs that i could achieve inner harmony and with this peace i should lose all repore with the seven deadly sins and thus avoid their fate. I thanked them for their advice and suddenly felt this weird tingling in my shoulder, i suddenly came to in my physical state with sheena rubbing my shoulder and laughing hysterically. She said i had been laying there for the past minute producing sounds that she said sounded like I was having an orgasm. I suddenly saw lights and turned my head to see a car approaching. My buddy steve and his friend colin pulled up and started shooting the shit with us. I kept staring at his car as he was talking and felt such a disgust for this piece of technology that destroys the earth and damages us all. Matt who hadn't said anything in hours decided to leave and him and sheena went home. Shortly after that Andre (tripping buddy) left with steve and colin to go to Steve's place just outside of town. They asked if I wanted to come, in a serene voice i told them that i would see them later if we were meant to meet again this night. At this point it was down to me and my best friend Gord who was on mushrooms for the first time. We lay down on the grass and i watched nature grow around us, there was grass growing out of everything, the concrete our heads and the statue of St. Jean the baptiste. I summarized how this was the wrath of mother nature. That since mankind has been destroying her for years she will come back to rid the world of our cities and towns and take us back to primordial tribes our ancestors lived in. That we would no longer need technology or even wood housing. That we would go back and live in mud and straw huts and take only what we need from the land. We would lose our ignorance of the damage that we do and would become a utopian civilization. I then decide that this utopian civilization needed coffee and decided we should head to the winks to get smokes and something to drink. When we got to the winks there was a fight going on outside. I was shocked at how basic and savage it was, and then disgusted after the fight when both people were talking big about how they had kicked the others ass. We went into winks and I saw a guy who's older brother i had wanted to scrap for sometime, it was no secret, everyone knew i did. He approached me and started berating and threatining me. I stood there stunned, i had been prepared for so many things that night but aggresion directed towards me was not one of them. I stood jaw agape as he ranted and even as he left. I paid for my stuff and walked out. As we approached my house i couldn't stop thinking about how defenseless i was and how i needed to gain discipline and focus, and that i should always be in control so that situations like that could be diffused. We got to my house and went to the backyard to lie down. We started talking and things gained a nostalgic sense. We were not children but we had the child-like innocense that you always hear about. We began to talk and improv poetry as we lay on the concrete walkway. We decided as the sun was coming up that we should probably get some sleep, and of course like always happens, spent the next two hours trying to fall asleep with thoughts of creation and harmony dancing in my head.

Anyways thanks for listening to me, it may not be the best trip report , but it was very personal for me and i wanted to express it, if you have any comments or questions then please send me an email at ryanco58@hotmail.com

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