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Oranges are for smelling

One night a bunch on friends and I did some shrooms that were the most intense of my life.

One night a bunch on friends and I did some shrooms that were the most intense
of my life. Shrooms are hard to come by where I'm currently living ( which
totally sucks) so whenever we get a chance we do them all together and in in safe environment like my house or my buddies, our houses are very chill spots, lots of crazy posters, random things everywhere and black lights, stuff like that. I'm not sure what strain of shrooms they were...just weird looking and smelling , like they always tend to be.
About half an hour into eating them i started to get a really "high" feeling and everything was really bright. The lights in the room seemed like they were on dimmers and then grew bright and dimmed in time to my breathing; it was the coolest thing! the whole world was breathing with me!It really gave me a sense of how everything really is connected.
My friend had a fruit basket full of oranges and were all were getting on with their own trips, not really sure what was going on with them but i started having random thoughts...couldn't really focus on talking to anyone. The oranges were bouncing out of the basket at me and when i talked the words,i could see them and the oranges bounced on each word , kinda like those sing-a-long tapes i used to watch as a kid. I remember though that my buddy had peeled an orange and i could "see" the smell coming off from it...it was bright and so...fresh smelling, i wanted to hold it! they tried throwing it in the trash and i was yelling " NO!!! those are for smelling!" my husband made a little circle of peel for me and had it with me all night.
i could feel heat coming from the orange peel and it was a sunburst in the palm of hand.I felt so at peace, like i could spend the rest of my life just holding onto it. At one point my friend put on a camouflage helmet on and was screaming all sorts of German words and the greatest part was that i could understand him!!! Although the night was young it felt like it was really late so my husband decided to drive us home. He's tripping too but not nearly as hard as i was.
As soon as i felt the air my whole soul felt alive. the stars in the sky fell down to me and dance around, making little trails that sparkled and glowed. there were fireworks all over the place! my hubby stopped at a Taco-bell, when i looked at the sign the bells were all ringing to the tune that was in my head. it was like i was directing them , when i wanted the tune to stop it did.
at one point i wanted to smoke a cigarette but couldn't cus i pulled it out and i see all the poisons in it. it was green and misshaped. When we finally got home i fell onto the bed and totally gave into the scenes that kept flying at me. we have a poster of a chessboard thats an optical illusion and i wasn't trying to look at it but i had to because i could hear voices in the picture. The chessboard was spinning at me, fast at first and then slowing down til it was huge and towering over me.
The pieces were all talking to each other and yelling about who was going to move next and i wanted to be part of the game too!. i was wearing what looked like a soldier's uniform but they wouldn't let me play because i was already on the side lines! i felt so mad that i laid down again and tried to watch the movie that was on but couldn't do that either.
my four cats were scared of me but i was so scared of them! They had heads that were stretching and snake like necks that chased me! They made weird noises..kinda like this.....mwwweeeooopppp...over and over til it was almost driving me crazy! I kept getting a sense of extreme euphoria and just thankful to be alive. everything made sense to me on that night... When i closed my eyes i could see a vortex of spinning stars that kept pulling me in and i felt like if i let myself get sucked in i could be lost and it was really scary! i couldn't move ,afraid that i would lose my footing and fall so i just stared at it for a long while.
There were sooo many colors and sounds like soft wind blowing. my husband had disappeared for a while and when i finally realized i was alone i started feeling really abandoned.I started thinking about all the kids i know that have fucked up family lives and how i couldn't do anything about it. I had never felt such sadness in all my life...i was in mourning, felt so empty and hollow inside.
I cried for what seemed like forever, the colors and the music had faded away and i couldn't feel anything other than the hurt, but when the crying finally subsided it grew bright again. I had to remind myself to breathe...cuz when i breathed the room did...so it made me happy again. it reminded me that i was alive and everything was ok. everything was glowing , kept in time with my breathing til i finally fell asleep. when i woke the next morning the first thing scent that i smelled was oranges. which i thought was the weirdest thing and i realized that i still had the orange peel, i had clutched it so hard it was stuck in my palm!
Thats most of what i remembered, there's no way to fully record everything... if only you guys could get in my head. Since that last trip i've been more spiritual than i have been my whole life, i felt and saw so many different feelings. I honestly felt more alive on that car ride home than i have in a long time. Everyone should experience shrooms at least once in their lives, it changed how i see and feel about things, ( my husband had warned me it would). but it definitely was for the better..the next time i trip ( soon i hope) i'd like to do it outdoors in my backyard and really experience what the sun has to offer me.

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