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Only the beginning

I'm 17 and have been smoking weed regularly for about 2 years.

I'm 17 and have been smoking weed regularly for about 2 years. I came across the shroomery and
began reading trip reports and was immediatly interested. I've never really been pleased with what
information about reality we are given. Things like "How did the world start?" Reply:"The big bang... or
god created it" Those things never satisfied me because there must have been something that created
god or created the things that were involved in the big bang. Anyways... that was a major reason for
me to try the magic mushrooms... I was looking for deeper answers. The first time I tripped I wanted
to take it easy so I only took 1.5g and had some minor visuals. I'm now going to write about what
happened on my 2nd trip (so far I've only tripped twice). I started by eating 3 grams of the mushies at
about 8 pm before leaving to my friends house who was having a party. I arrived at his house at about
8:30 and didn't really have any noticable effects yet. Around 9 I started to feel them kick in. I was
smiling and laughing at everything and my body had a great tingly feeling. I sat down next to the fire and
began to watch it move around in the pit. About this time I heard a loud yelping. I asked Derek what
the hell it was and he said it was his neighbors peacock. I started to walk through the field toward the
noise and it seemed as though I was walking through a jungle. I remember seeing a tree that the leaves
looked like green latex gloves that were reaching out for me. This kinda freaked me out so I headed
back to the fire. I was getting kind of pissed because a bunch of people I didn't know started showing
up. Finnally I saw some of my close friends so I went over to talk to them. At first they didn't know I
was tripping, but I guess how weird i was acting kind of gave it away. There faces would start to melt
if I stared at them. They asked me if I had any weed for them so I checked my pockets but what was
weird was that my brain couldn't match up what my hands were touching. I had keys, a glass jar with
weed, and a baggie with mushies... but as I moved my hand around in my pocket, I had no clue which
was which! We decided to go out to my car and smoke some weed. When we got there, I was
looking at my friend from across the car. He is a very hairy kid and we are always calling him monkey
or ape or whatever we please. Anyway... when I looked at him... his face looked like he changed into
a big monkey... It almost looked like it was flashing back and forth from normal to monkey. After we
smoked weed I had many more crazy visuals, but too many to mention. I did however come up with
many theories about the universe that I plan to write down one of these days. I think I'm going to make
a webpage with them sooner or later. Just a tip for someone who wants to get started in mushrooms:
Take them early, they keep you wide awake and if you take them too late, you'll never get to sleep. I
called this report Only The Beginning because I plan to trip many more times in my lifetime, and this is
only the beginning for me.

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