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one of my best trips

note: earlier in the evening i had taken 1 tab extacy.

note: earlier in the evening i had taken 1 tab extacy. The major effects of which were gone at the onset of the trip.

My friend T had recently accuired a small collection of drugs. 3 E tablets, 1/4 ounce shrooms, 1/2 ounce high potency marijuna.

After T and I stopped rolling we met with our friends C and A. We all went to A's house. We smoked 1 cap and the rest of them were split between myself, C, and T. Immediately after ingesting we began smoking the herbs and continued smoking throughout the trip.

We were sitting around the living room listening to a collection of C's techno music. The first sign of the trip was everything began to take on an animated cartoonish apperance. Of particular interest was the christmas tree and a porcelin panther in the corner of the room.

This was C's first time tripping. He was busy running around trying to find the "trippiest" things to look at. He got on his hand and knees and got face to face with the afformentioned panther. I found this very funny and started laughing. The next object he took interest in was a silver christmas bulb which reflected the room.

He came over to me to show me this bulb and share his amazement with it. He moved it back and forth a foot of so away from my face. The reflection of the room in it's convex surface was pretty amazing but, to look at it made me feel as though my eyes were crossed and to such a degree that it was somewhat painful. So i politely asked him to take it away.

The next thing i remember was looking at C seated on the floor. It looked like he was shaking his head back and forth very fast. This got faster and faster till his head was nothing but a blur. At this point i could no longer understand what my friends said. Their voices seemed distant. For this reason i just closed my eyes and enjoyed the most beautiful patterns which pulsed in sync with the music.

Some time later (how much time i don't know because time had become meaningless)i opened my eyes. T,C, and A were all sitting together in the love seat hugging each other and otherwise enjoying close physical contact.(C and T had split the remaining E and A was the only female present).

For a moment i felt loneliness unlike any i have ever felt and cut off from the group. However as i still coundn't understand them and had no desire for close physical contact i decided not to join them.

For awhile i just sat on the couch listened to the music. Above the Cd player was a twisted tube full of water with lots of bubbles rising upwards and and an array of multicolored lights which constantly changed the color of the water. I watched this in facination for awhile as their were puppys playing in it.

Suddenly i began to feel very negative. The music seemed to be playing at a frantic pace. Further more it seemed that the song I was listening to consisted of the same 2 or 3 notes repeated over and over again. At this point it seemed to me that we had been listening to this one boring, monotounous, endless song the entire night.

So i got up to leave the room (didn't happen). Upon standing up i found myself to be quite a bit taller than usual. I'm 6'1 and it felt and appeared that i was 10'. I looked down at my feet. They were far away. This made me feel dizzy and lightheaded. I feared falling down so I layed down on my side on the couch and curled up into the fetal position. That's when i began to melt into the couch.

I melted completely into the couch becoming one with it. I found this state very comfortable. After what seemed like a long time but, must have only been a few minutes i was getting uncomfortable and bored. And the music was bothering me again.

I again stood up with the intent of leaving the room. I was releived to find myself at my normal height again. Then i walked to the kitchen. Next the most amazing thing happened. I had just entered the doorway of the kitchen. All of a sudden i found myself under the light in the middle of the kitchen with no memory of the journey in between. It was as if i teleported from the doorway to the center of the kitchen (only 3ft but i still found it amazing).

I got a drink of water and went to the bathroom before i returned to the living room to share this wonderful experience with my friends. I was comfortable with the music again and could now understand what my friends were saying.

I layed down on the couch and enjoyed the music and closed-eye visuals until i drifted off to sleep.

This was only my second experience with mushrooms and one of the most amazing nights of my life.

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