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first time in heaven

I was in canada visiting my cousin.

I was in canada visiting my cousin.We decided that we need a break from reality and that it would be fun cuz it would be my first time so we went down to this guy and bought 7 grams of shrooms.Later that week we each took some.We just ate em stright like that, it tasted a little gross but i didnt care, knowing how good they would be later.We left home and went for a walk.We sat down beside some trees in some kida small park.My cousin started noticing the effects after 45 minutes, she was an experienced shroomer.I unfortunatly felt nothing at the time.We started walking again down to a cemetary.We lit up a joint, hoping it would speed things up.After we toked, we continued walking down a path till we came to the road.At that point there were a few closed eye visuals but nothing much.We arrived at McDonalds 1 1/2 hours after dosing.We sat on the curb and i was dissapointed because i still felt nothing.I went to rest my elbow on my knee and ass it touched my knee i heard and felt a large bang,there was a flash of light and i suddenly felt stoned.It was very hot so we went into McDonalds, I ordered a large coke and a large iced tea.We left the McDonalds laughing our asses off for no reason at all.About 15 minutes later we came accross a steam.We sat down, drank a little and talked, We took our shoes off and put our feet in the water.For about 2 hours we remained there, playing with mud, jumping into the stream for no reason and laughing.At that point I began raving about how i didnt feel like i was real.I felt like I was watching me and my cousin sitting be the stream in a movie or something.I was embraced by this warm, fuzzy, unreal fealing of.....unrealness!Many times i found myself starring at the bloches of yellow, green and pink washing up on the river bank.After 2 hours we ventured off to the neighbourhood smokin rock and smoked some cigarettes.The trees around the rocks were turning shades of orange, pink, purple and blue.The barries on the tree above the rock were starting to look like bright red tennis balls.The sky was getting a bit darm but I could see the grass as if the sun were right above it.The smoke from our cigarettes were forming a V shaped pathway through the field to the road were I saw aldo, from those "where's waldo?" books.He looked like he had put on a few pounds and grown boobs!
I couldnt think of anything at all except for the feeling i was experiencing, like I was no longer in this reality, but i had fallen through into another.
We walked back to her house,it was more like floating for me, where we got the car and went to 7-11.She was down and out but I was still fuzzy.I was still feeling a bit fuzzy for the next few hours, but I totaly came down and out of the trip around 11pm.
For 7 hours I was in a totaly different reality, U might say I was in heaven for the day.

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