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On Through The Never

A friend of mine has been growing shrooms for about 5 months now.

A friend of mine has been growing shrooms for about 5 months now. I have tripped about 8 times. Most of my trips have been wonderful experiences, only a few have made me kinda depressed. Well on saturday night, being that i had nothing to do, as usual, i decided to eat a full eigth of homegrown cubenisis. Being new to shrooms I was worried about this batch because my friend told me that he threw in A LOT of aborts. I discovered that abort contain lots of psilocybin. Anyway, I ate the eigth in about 5mins followed by OJ. I would say about 15mins later I was feeling dizzy, nauseas, and felt scared because never had i felt the effects of shrooms come on so fast and powerful. I threw up a couple of times as well. I started freaking out. I thought i had a batch of bad shrooms and that i was being poisoned and would die, b/c never had i had such intense visuals, they were crystal clear; spiraling images, moving colors, fractals, and faces. I couldnt watch TV as i felt it was making me crazy, plus i thought everyone in my apt. complex knew what i was doing. In my head i kept hearing freaky metallica songs like, enter sandman, sad but true, and through the never(ecspecially this one, the one part kept repeating-"on through the never we must go, on through the never" I didnt know what to do. I tried to calm down, i took a shower and even tried to straighten my place up. I frantically called my friend a bunch of times, but no-one was home. Finally i took some kava kava and sat infront of my orange heater, i could feel the warmth run all through me. I sat there for about an hour and calmed myself down. I still felt very depressed and tried to figure out why. So beware, there is an evil side. But we must continue on, on through the never.

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