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On the verge of five. (very long)

Saturday, 12:15amWe hopped on the freeway and headed 2 hours north of Los Angles to a spot my friend and i camp at alot.

Saturday, 12:15am
We hopped on the freeway and headed 2 hours north of Los Angles to a spot my friend and i camp at alot. We took our exit and went to find the dirt road that leads to the mountain.
Saturday 4:30am
We found a nice spot in the middle of no-where. How? i dont know. but we did. Its kinda hard to spot things in pitch black. I strapped on my huge pack and headed down with my headlamp to find a place for my tent. I found a suitable spot under a small pine tree and had my tent set up in 5 minutes (mmmm sierra designs). My two other friends finally got their stuff set up so we smoked a bowl after we were all settled in. It was really nice watching the sun rise from the top of a 6,000 foot mountain surrounded by very large Ponderosa pines, not having a care in the world and talking with friends. It's not something you can do everyday.
Saturday 12:00pm
We all woke up around the same time and had a wakeup session and ate some food. I decided to walk around and see what everything was like in the sunlight. We were on a slope of the mountain that wasnt to steep. It was covered with oaks and pine trees of all sorts.
Saturday 4:45 pm
It was time to shroom. I was going to eat an 8th tonight and my friend was too. I opened a can of chili and heated it up on my burner and broke the shrooms up and dumped em in. Several stems and 3 big round caps. With chili and shrooms consumed i went in my tent to wait for the fun to start. I was laying on my back and i started feeling it. Everything was getting real sharp and defined looking and then the trees started moving funny. This one tree had dead branches that looked like they were slowly falling down like an escalator. My tent has this greyish white coloring on it and the way the light was hitting it made it look like it was fractured egg shell. By this point i was good to go on my little journey.
Saturday 7:30pm
I was shrooming HARD. I had my cd player in my sweatshirt, my hood on and a large stick i called "the shroom stick". I dont know why i picked it up, you just tend to do weird things when you shroom and for some reason i felt sorry for that lonely pine branch. I still have it today and take it with me everytime i shroom. Anyways, i started swinging it and it was leaving cool trailers around. The stick was my friend. I walked down the slope a bit to this grove of oaks and pines, the trees were swaying with the rythm of the music and i was seeing weird polygon shapes in the canopy of trees that looked like Predator. Not the Predator himself, but you know when he's invisible? it looked like that. I kept seeing from the corner of my eyes what looked like some one shining a flashlight at me, but then id look around and no one was there. I wanted to share the spot i found with my friend so i headed up the hill to find him. On the way up it felt like i was stepping in quicksand. It actually felt like i was sinking into the earth.
Saturday 7:45pm
I found my friend after walking up the hill and babbled something that made no sense. But i guess he knew what i meant and we both headed down to the grove of trees. On the way down he said "My feets is tangled my ears!" We both found this hilarious for some reason and just cracked up for about 10 minutes. Im sure if someone came into our camp that night they would assume that it was a special ed camping trip. We got down to the trees and i discovered that if you looked into a glowstick for a few seconds and then took it away everything turned purple for 5 minutes. This intrigued us for about 20 minutes until he started fucking with some little keychain light on a string. That was really cool for about 20 minutes until he got tangled in a knot. He babbled "CALL NASA!! I NEEDS OUT OF THIS KNOT! AHAHAAHAHA" So we laughed at that for awhile. He had some extra shrooms and he said "looooooooooook" so i looked and he was holding more shrooms. Now what i did next was stupid, I ate the shroom. In fact i ate 4 more shrooms. Then i lost my mind.
Saturday 8:00pm
As soon as i swallowed the second mushroom my whole face went numb, and then the whole left side of my body went numb. I was drooling, i couldnt see very well and then... you guessed it. I puked. I sat down for 5 minutes and puked again. I felt better and told him i felt better so we went back up to camp. This is when everything goes crazy. I remember stopping and staggering around laughing at the purple moon and the neon orange leaves and then the next thing i knew i was up at camp. I remembered thinking "what the fuck? how did i get up here?" I was gunna puke again so i ran to my tent and threw my cd player in there and went off to the side to puke. I sat down under a tree and next to a bush and puked more. I felt like i was sinking into the earth and then i didnt know where i was. I looked at my watch and the watch face was blank and rippling. All of a sudden i felt 100 miles away from camp, very alone, very afraid, even though i wasnt more then 20 feet away. I looked up and saw perfect lines going acorss the starlit sky, i saw what looked like a red comet, the moon was purple and pulsing, the sky was a strange green color. i didnt know where i was. I felt like it wasnt even my body, i didnt even know what planet i was on. I got very scared and stood up to find camp again, but like i said i felt 100 miles away and didnt know which way to go. I kept telling myself to "calm down, itll pass, you're on shrooms" That helped and i managed to think clear for a minue and find camp.
Saturday 8:30pm
I called my friend to come over. He saw me and knew i was tripping hard. I just said, or tried to say "hey, i need to to stay with me right now. Im not right I dont know whats going on, just re-assure me from time to time. So he sat kinda sat up and behind me while i gathered my thoughts. I puked more and drank some water. Slowly i came back and then i got real emotional. I got sad and started crying to myself, then i got real mad, and then like that i was shrooming normal again. I still felt all pukey the whole night but i managed to enjoy the rest of my trip. After everything was cool again i remembered saying "my teeth feel chewy".
The whole experiece was amazing, despite being out of my mind and not knowing what was real and what wasnt i learned alot about who i am, and learned that the human mind is an amazing thing. I can honestly say it was the best trip i ever had. And also, when you know what your limits are, dont push them.
Thanks for reading this. I know i didnt use the best grammar and punctuation, but i hoped you enjoyed it anyways.

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