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OHH My God its OZZy And sailors

Well it was a monday and my friend sean and i planned to buy some shrooms and trip for the first time.

Well it was a monday and my friend sean and i planned to buy some shrooms and trip for the first time. So we looked ofrward all week for the trip and that friday we got about 5 grams from a friend. Later that night we decided we were ognna take the shrooms. My friend sean ate his 1.5g first at about 11pm and he waited for 2 hours and nothing. so then i said fuck it and i ate 1.5 grams and waited for about 1 hour and nothing. but we still had 1 gram left so i ate it and drank a shitload of oj with it. then about an hour later the trip started to kick in. I was just laying on the floor of my room as my friend ausitn played halo and sean (who did not trip at all from eating his shrooms and was very pissed) was on the computer, and as i layed the i was eye level with the carpet and the carpet began to sway back and forth as to appear blowing in the wind. it looked like a crowd of people swaying ther hands. then i got up and said sean im trippin. then i got on the computer and was readng something and the word "IT" jumped out of the screen and jumped back in real quick. i was like sean did u see that that little bastard moved. he was lik hahaha wtf. then i lookd over at my guitar witch was hanging on the wall and i said wtf look the guiatr is floating and it was. the next thing i know i was looking at this little sailor statue thing my mom has as i looked at him he started moving towards me and i said sean hes moving and coming over here stop him. then the next time i looked at him he screamed at me loudly and long. After that i said ok ive had enough im starting to get kinda scared and i wasnt feeling that great. So we decided to go to bed. when we went inot my room i looked at my ozzy poster and his face started melting and running down the walls into a puddle of molten flesh. Then i looked back up and all that was left of him was a skull and black hair. i was like omg look at ozzy guys they began to laugh at me. then i layed own on my bed and we started to go to sleep. and i closed my eys in the dark and had some crazy closed eye visuals. Like i saw neon orange green and pink skeletons dancing around a campfire in the desert with dice for eyes. and i layed there and tripped untill 8 in the morning as i watched colors and shapes move before my very eyes. I LOVE SHROOMS AND WILL KEEP ON TRIPPIN!!!!

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