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OH MY GOD. seriously

I got some spore prints from a friend and i tried to grow shrooms very carefully.

I got some spore prints from a friend and i tried to grow shrooms very carefully...and to my suprise..it worked..i have some nice shrooms in about 5 weeks...so we dried em all out and put em in a bag....we got about 5 oz. of shrooms. So we went out and talked to some desperate friends that would be willing to pay high prices for some shrooms....after all that we went to my house and id say we ate about 5 shrooms each (dried) and sat and waited...nothing....nothing....nothing...I was pretty disapointed.
So we started out on the streets so find some bud...after about 15 min. it hit me...i was pretty fucked up...no...I was DAMN FUCKED UP!!!...I was sittin there thinking "man i wish those trees would stop talking to me" than i stopped....WHOLLY SHIT THE TREES WHERE TALKING TO ME!! I looked at the bottom of the tree and it was melting...like the wicked witch of the west...I looked over to my friend to tell him what was happening...to my suprise he was gone...no where in sight, then i felt a tap on the back of my shoulder, My friend was levetating..he was all dressed up in white with white hair EVERYTHING!! He said "i am your god" or something..i cant really recall because after that i passed right the fuck out!
When i woke up i was laying in my room on the floor and pink floyd was on...colored liquid was flowing out of the speeker and swirling together like a tie die rainbow!!. There was about 5 more friends in the room as i looked around and they were all laughing at me...sons 'o' bitches..
My walls were waving around like a flag on top of a pole........then again i heard "i am your god" and i was soooo scared so i tried talking to my friends and i notticed that my friends nick names where all floating over their heads...like titles..and they were glowing..i couldnt stop laughing..they said that they thought i was going into sizures or something i was laughing so hard...
I looked at my shoes and they looked like high tek future shoes and they had like spikes and shit on em and they were silver ( sorry if this report sounds chopped up..i can only remember faint parts of it)...any way to put a loooong story short (because i dont have the patients to type it all) WE put on the beatles and the waves and colors in my wall were corrisponding with the music...like dancing around!!!
Any way I was suprized that the shrooms even grew ..Im DAMN suprised how good of shroom they where..
I dont know if this is legal or not but if you would like some spore prints of the shrooms i had just e mail me and i will mail you some FREE!!!
this is my e mail.... tonedef204@yahoo.com
mail me if you would like some free spore prints AND THEY ARE VERY STERILIZED AND CLEAN!!!!!

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